Monday, August 16, 2010

Upon Meeting Sandy Eastoak

On Friday we drove through Sebastopol on our way to Bodega Bay. I had received an email from our local art gallery about a textile juried show coming up in this town, but had neglected to bring the info with me. We stopped in at Copperfield's Book and inquired. They weren't sure so sent me up the street to Sebastopol Gallery. That was not the gallery hosting the show, but I had the honor of meeting Sandy Eastoak, who graciously gave me directions to the Sebastopol Art Center where in fact the show will be held. But in the meantime Sandy and I had time to chat and I was taken by her soft spoken, positive all encompassing acceptance of me as artist, as I stood looking at the high quality art that surrounded us in this gallery.
Sandy's work has a strong spiritual feel to it, and a Native American call as well.
You can see more of Sandy's work on her blog here. Mim, you will love her paintings of fish. Also link to her newsletter and other sites for much more all very pleasing to the eye.
You will learn more about these figures by visiting her blog.
This piece is called Changing Woman in the Redwood Grove.
I had a very strong reaction to seeing this painting.
It simply "spoke" to me.
Thank you Sandy for your warm welcome and helpful information.
We did make it to the Sebastopol Art Center
but I will save that for another day and post.


  1. I fell in LOVE with those assemblages on the table. They are incredible. The other art is super, too, but those assemblages make me want to play!

  2. wonderful adventure on the way to an adventure. thanks for the intro to Sandy Eastoak

  3. It seems like a magical meeting. Glad to get to know her.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day meeting such a wonderful person and artist. Love her art.

  5. What a seredipitous meeting. Meant to be! Thanks for the introduction to her art.

  6. Lynn, I must not have been paying close enough attention to you.....I had no idea we are "sort of" neighbours! A very good friend of mine lives in Sebastopol - as do many of the SF Opera Orchestra... and I go up there once in a while. Sandy Eastoak's work is wonderful....very magical with a touch of Chagall in it.

    Sounds like a magical, inspirational day was had by all!

    Kiss the "King" for me! And, bnig hugs to you!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. What a cool gallery. Sometimes getting lost can be very fun & beneficial. Look what you found. I will go check out this Artist better.

  8. A feast for the eyes - so many wonderful things. Thanks for the link to Sandy's blog!


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