Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Animal Wednesday and Daughter's Choice

Henry behind bars... He likes that we put this chair upstairs on the's there because the fire alarm was going off and we wanted to be able to get to it quickly to shut it off. Since Henry liked the chair there we left it. Okay, I admit it he is spoiled.
On Sunday I showed my daughter the fabric pocketbooks and pockets I'd been making and she liked this one.
She wanted to buy it but I cannot take money from my children
so I gifted it to her
and then she wanted a few design changes
She wants to use it for packing jewelry when she travels
and she didn't want the usual ties around the buttons, put asked if I could put snaps on the pocket flaps instead
Believe it or not I found some old snaps in MY mother's (her grandmothers') sewing box that we still possess. And sewed them on for her (hidden under the pocket flaps).
So sweet for me to give her something I made that she likes and that has something of her grandma's tucked into it too. ;-)
She liked the individual pockets as well, but said I wasn't charging enough.
I intend to take some to the art gallery gift shop and see how they do there. I'll keep my prices the same on my blog, and up them at the gallery and if perhaps I decide to put them in my ETSY store. But you can still order them here for the lower price of $25 for the four pocket purse and $12.50 for the individual pockets. Free Shipping. Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. I love it when pets are spoiled. They deserved to be!

    Lovely pouches Lynn!!!


  2. nice that your daughter will be carrying this special made by mom purse with her when she travels. Henry is king.

  3. What a lovely compliment when a family memeber wants to buy your Art work. Its a pretty color..she will love this. Poor Henry looking thru bars.. LOL

  4. I love Henry!

    The pocketbooks are such a great idea. I hope the Art Gallery shop takes them - they'll sell well, they have so many uses!

  5. Your daughter made an excellent choice!

    "Poor Imprisoned King Henry".....NOT! SPOILED "King Henry"......definitely! He deserves do all of God's creatures.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Leave it to a cat to like some new arrangement!

    Your daughter will love her new pocket pouch! They are just one of a kind and that can never be bested! Hope they will sell like hot cakes at the art gallery!!!

    xoxo- Julie

  7. What a great idea as jewelry storage for traveling!
    I adore the ones I bought ;)

    Henry V knows his domain, that's for sure! I like his new throne!

  8. Lovely idea for stashing jewelry when you travel. I love it.

    As for what you are charging for these, I considered charging $25.00 for my art journal with 96 sewn and decorated pages and handmade cover with hand dyed fabric. Perhaps I should reconsider, if you can charge more for your 4 X 4 beauties.

  9. Elizabeth, A journal with 96 sewn and decorated pages surly is worth way more than $25. Daughter felt $40 was a fair price for the four pockets/$25 for the one pockets. Like I said I will do that at the gallery (they take 30% too for each sale) and on ETSY. I know we need to consider our time and our art as worthy of fair compensation. The economy is not great right now for selling art and I take that into consideration too...however, fair to yourself.

  10. how did I miss this yesterday? I remember reading the title...and then it's all blank! Anyway - Henry is just like a king looking out at his subjects. and yes, lovely pouches and smart daughter


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