Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grateful Thursday and Signs of Life!

Getting thanked and praise is a huge bonus for sending off art work to blog friends that warms my heart...KJ thanked me publicly in this blog post comment area I cannot post photos of the pocket book I sent her as it is a gift she ordered for someone else and I don't know whether or not that someone else might pop in here from time to time or not. But suffice it to say KJ was thrilled with what I sent her and her words of thanks thrilled me in return. Suki made this beautiful card to show her appreciation for the pocket book I sent her. Suki, your words of thanks meant a tremendous lot to me! And your card is beautiful and a real "keeper"! Thank you.
This is but one of four pockets in Suki's little purse.
While in San Francisco this past weekend I got carried away finding
SIGNS to photograph
Thinking of the Sketchbook project I am still on page one...
What page are YOU on?
We fell to our knees in gratitude when we realized we were not too late to secure
tickets for the Impressionist art exhibit at the de Young in December,
and the fact that we may actually meet up with Robin there
makes it that much more sweet.
I am very grateful to be living in
I'm third generation Californian
and proud of it.
Wishing you a grateful Thursday!


  1. Your word art is great. What fun to look for words that you can infuse into your art.

  2. I'm going to email you about a purse for my sister whose birthday is at the end of this month, but no worries. I can give it to her late :)

    It's always nice being thanked for your art. I know how much love you put into everything you do and I also know it shows!

    Lovely card from Suki. I adore her peace cards.
    And of course I love the card from KJ because I gave them to her for her birthday ;)!

    Fun street signs too! We have one here called "cul de sac way" and it's actually a cul de sac!!!!

  3. I know everyone who gets one of your "pocket purses" will be grateful! They are so awesome and fun! Seeing the beads on mine has really inspired me, for sure! Thanks again Lynn!!!

  4. lovely. I adore those street signs. I did post about yr gift and showed photos but maybe not that one. cool cards.

  5. As always, a wonderful, vivacious post! Love your purses.... and love Suki's....the kitty is Suki's Emily, watching over her "Mum". (At least to me....) I love her Peace Cards and am lucky enough to have one - thanks to KJ... and I recognised Lo's work immediately on KJ's thank you card...

    The signs - such fun! And of course, I knew exactly where you two were! (Not too far from my house!) I have my fingers croseed we WILL meet in December at the de Young!

    Isn't this the greatest group of friends! Each one is such a treasure!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Love that cat on the pocket for Suki. You seem to get into the person you are doing these for and that makes them so special. You deserve the nice thank you cards you are getting. Love the signs. They were perfect. :)

  7. Clever post! Using the street signs as part of this was a great idea!

  8. Love all your signs ! Looks like the universe was really speaking to you ! ;)And your gifties are so lovely. Ain't LoVe grand ?
    Have a happy Friday !

  9. love the license plate. I look for unusual plates to use as passwords at work since I have to use so many of them.


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