Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary of the Day We Met!

I know you know this photo (if you have been following my blog for at least one year. Taken on a warm summers day in 1978 on DH's best friend's porch in Oakland, CA. Yes, we were young then. Yes, we were thin then. Hey, it was 32 years ago. The year we met!!! (Sept. 15, 1978) So I am a few days late (I thought it was the 17th, but DH's memory is better than mine, I'm older than he, so take his word for it.) And here we are up-to-date, a month ago at Bodega Bay, CA... Not as young, not as thin
but ever much as "in love" as we were back then...
God, I'm glad he didn't drop me! Thanks for sticking around
dear husband!
I'm so glad I smiled at you
and so glad seven years later you said
to my proposal of marriage!
Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. You are both beautiful, past and present!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Older but just as cute. Congrats. Just think what evolved from a simple smile~

  3. I've probably stood on that same spot in Bodega Bay but my DH didn't bend me over for a smooch!!

    Wonderful photos and love♥ story!

  4. Happy Anniversary on the day you met. I love these photos. I love the old ones but seeing the love still there years.. only a later is heart warming. He WAS a smart man!! :)

  5. Both series of photos are adorable!
    You two are a perfect match!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Lynn,

    I met my dh in 1978 too. We married in 1985. We celebrate our 25th in October..... Great picture of the two of you..

  7. Awww, what a cute couple. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  8. Aw, so sweet! So...if you could boil the secret down to one thing, one piece of advice to give new couples, what would it be?

  9. How neat to see you now and then! I bet the time has flewn by. Love has a way of hanging tight over the years! Congratulations, Lynn!!!

  10. Powerful, authentic, the real deal.
    Lynn, you radiate such a positive approach to life... good for all of us. Hugs from Lisa

  11. Thanks everyone for your fount of wonderful responses to our celebration of happiness!

    Kelly, the secret to our success?
    DH and I went out to dinner tonight and on the way we discussed this.

    He said: "Don't blink". He always said he "...wanted us to grow old together, he just didn't know it would happen so fast!"

    I say: "Never go to bed angry."

    We both say: "A little denial goes a long way...we both admit to taking the other forgranted."

    He said: "When I'm not nagging him to do something he likes me a lot."

    I said: "I really like him a lot when he does what I ask!"


    I hope this seals it for you for a lifetime of happiness. I know you only asked for one thing, but I think it takes more than just one thing.

    We both agree we are both still in love with the other.
    Okay, enough schmaltz for another year!

    And don't forget the wedding anniversary is April Fool's Day!

  12. How wonderful that you can even remember when you met. I bet you are having fun all weekend it should be. Congrats.

  13. I love this post, Lynn! Sorry have been so busy these past two weeks and haven't had time to visit!

  14. happy anniversary! you guys don't look much different to me :)

  15. Happy Anniversary! Great photos! I don't think you've changed at all... the love is still in your eyes.

  16. This gave me goosebumps of emotion, and grateful that Mike and I had 10 wonderful years together before I lost him...wish it had been able to be 20 more. But to see you two so happy and full of life and joy...that made my day!

  17. How sweet! I'm curious to hear the story of how you two met, what happened after you smiled and how you proposed. I love hearing how longterm couples met.


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