Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Style Pocketbook with Wire and Brads; Sketchbook Play

You can now purchase this fabric book via my side bar: See Buy Now button! After using brads and wire on my grand kids fabric photo albums I decided to see how they would work on the pocketbooks. Works great! Three gold brads and then binding with thin gold jewelry wire...and leaving some out in this decorative design gives an added artzy flair that I like! What do you think? The wire is soft and malleable one could even redesign it if they wished. Lots of handmade "Julie" beads added to the bottom of the ties that close the pockets.
More fabric paper lining on inside front and back covers
and inside each pocket as well.
So now there are two more for sale. They make sweet gifts. I got an enthusiastic thank you from Lolo for the one I made for her sister's birthday. You can see it on Chris Daly's new The Art Quilt Blog here; Her sister loves Iris' so I used Iris fabric and my personal photos of Iris's to decorate each pocket. Go see.
Yours for $25; free shipping in the USA.
************************ Twelve O Three is a special number to me. It's the address of the house I lived in from age 6 months to eighteen years when I left home.
This is a sketch from memory of the front of that house. I can clearly remember sitting on the steps looking out down the street into my unknown, yet to be revealed future.
There were four of us little girls who grew up across the street from each other there. Two of us are still friends today!
Grateful for that and lots more.
1150th post today!


  1. I really do love the purse you made for my sister!! It couldn't be more perfect. I'll show it on my blog along with the pocket surprises after I give it to her because she looks at my blog :)

    Good news at the docs today. They don't think what we all feared. Yay!!♥

  2. That book/purse is amazing!

    Love your childhood memories. You evoked some of mine with this post. Thanks for that!

  3. These are such cute pocket books you have made. You always come up with something new to do to them. Is this the beginning of the SKETCH BOOK group you joined? Looks like you have figured out what to do it in. Will be looking forward to what you do with it.

  4. Lolo, again so happy you are so pleased with your sister's pocketbook! And so happy to for your GOOD NEWS!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

    Thanks Katie Jane, glad you like the purse too.
    I hope your evoked childhood memories are sweet ones. Glad I could do that for you. ;-)

    Yes, Cris, these are my very first pages for the Sketchbook Project.
    I haven't drawn in a while and I feel it. Glad there are lots of pages to get back into practice on.

  5. Lynn, love the new pocketbooks, love the sketch of you and your friends (and Doc, the kitty), love, love, LOVE Lo's GREAT NEWS, and whew......over 1,000 posts!!!!
    Congratulations! I don't know if I will ever get there....but it's a lofty goal to aspire to!

    Hugs to you and "The King",

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. wow lynn they look stunning - love the wires and the beads and what fabuous colours!


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