Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HI From Three Henry's On Animal Wednesday

It's a musical house ours when DH pulls his guitar out and sings his heart out. Henry finds a soft place to land...front row center best seat in the house... And when Mom goes into her art studio to create laying on a box of leather pieces suffices just fine too. Sleeping to the hum of the sewing machine.
But bring home a new package and leave the innards from the box all over the floor and there is diving to be done and chewing and tearing as paper flies everywhere!
Because a cat will be a cat when he isn't being a cat sleeping! Happy Animal Wednesday from Henry and us. ;-)


  1. i LOVE cats. Their approach is so satisfying. and Henry is the cat of cats.
    HAW lynn

  2. Nothing like a fur baby to bring a smile!!! Great pics!!! Hugs,Terri

  3. OMG, Henry is being way too adorable!! You should paint one of these images.

    My verification word is catste-how funny.


  4. so cute that H. feels at home anywhere in your home. and finds these cosy little places to curl up. and has so much fun with bits of paper. love it.

  5. I so recognize that third image! I received a package on Saturday and there has been much attacking, smacking and general dive-bombing of paper piles ever since!

    Oh, too be so easily entertained!

  6. Oh, how I LOVE your Henry..... he IS the "King of Cats"!!!!!!! What a face!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Isn't this the truth? My cats go crazy over tissue paper. I have to leave at least one sheet spread on the floor at all times for a camping blanket!

  8. How did I miss these sweet pix? They are so cute and so typical of a can buy them the fuzziest of cat beds and they will seek out their place of repose anyway (and still love your floors too!)


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