Sunday, September 19, 2010

Now It's Wearable ART!

I sold two small pockets this morning, thanks Minola, and while we were talking (via facebook between here and Canada) she told me she was buying them for her young grand daughters. She wanted them for their lunch money! I was worried that they might get tossed with old lunch bags so said I had some pins I could sew to the backs and she liked that idea. So I sewed them on two for her. This one is pinned to my shirt.
And that led to the idea of wearable art... and I got my imported ribbons (from Vivian Bonner) out and looped one around the pocket and my neck! Wha-la! Wearable art!
I am wearing this one to the kids birthday party today!
I'll let you know the feedback I get!
Happy Sunday!


  1. What a great look you have there. I'm sure the feedback will be very, very positive 'cause everyone at the party will want what you have!

  2. great fun. i love pins and so very much like the pin pocket idea. have a great time at the party.

  3. Love this idea of hanging the poucharound the neck!!!...Just like a passport holder...You are so wonderfully inspired!!!!

  4. You ROCK lynn!!!
    Great idea! Hmmm, I think I'll order one for my great niece who's 8. She's very girly!!

    Okay, time to write another check ;)

  5. You are so clever. Who would think of kids losing it but you. And come up with a solution. Bet everyone thought it was awesome at the party.

  6. You're getting more and more creative by the day, Lynn!

  7. I really like the 'coin purse' idea and passport holder, too!

  8. AWESOME, and what an adorable model (grin).


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