Monday, October 25, 2010

Awesome Metal Sculpture: Phillip Glashoff

On Saturday I stopped off in Fairfield on Rockville Road...across the street from an old Victorian we lived in for a year and a half in 1985-7 at the Glashoff property where Phillip Glashoff is artist in residence. He makes the most amazing sculptures from throw away metal I have ever seen. We have several pieces at our local art gallery. Go to this article to see more of his fun art pieces and read all about him there.
This art work is standing outdoors and I just pulled my car off the road into his driveway to snap my pictures.
I would have loved to have been invited into his studio to watch him work...
but no one was around, at least not that I could see...
I used to go over there when we lived across the street to shop, as they had a barn full of fresh fruits and vegetables grown on their acreage...I'd load up and take them home for dinner.
I love this pretty lady! I tried asking her where she got her hair done...but she was meditating I think, and not available for conversation. Isn't she stunning though? It was a fun photo shoot, and romp down memory lane.
My daughter graduated high school when we lived in that house across the road.
My mother was still alive then.
The community college is just a ways further down the road, where I got my AA degree and
where I took my last undergraduate class to get my BA from Sonoma U. in 1977.
And where I have more recently taken some drawing and painting classes.
There were a long row of orange trees on the side of the house and a persimmon
tree in the front yard. They were all so delicious, juicy and sweet.
The farm next door grew cherries I think and white blossoms filled the field out my kitchen window and after they were picked the field filled with bright yellow mustard plants.
I have a
a painting of the old unpainted wooden barn still standing behind the house
that a friend painted for us back then. Like I said, lots of memories.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


  1. Wonderful art pieces!!! and great memories too.

  2. How lovely are these. I just love the two cows, think ones a bull though. Just super.

  3. Wow - those are amazing sculptures ! Love them.
    Returning to places from our memories sure stirs up old stories doesn't it - pieces of the fabric that makes up our life...
    Thanks for sharing it with us..

  4. Yes, I had a wonderful weekend visiting family and friends. Your trip down memory lane is facinating to me. These sculputres are a great. The lady is someone I would love to have in my garden...if I could afford her. She looks like she would be a BFF.

  5. Some people are so clever with their hands! Aren't these great? Thanks for your visit to my 'Spooky' - next time I use the technique I'll try to remember to take some pics of the process.

  6. What wonderful sculptures. He is awesome. Love the horse and a couple others. Love the man too. I am wondering.. Are the Orange trees still there and do they still sell fruits and veggies across the street? Did you get a photo of the house? Just wondering how much has changed in all those years. fun post!!

  7. What a great post! Loved seeing all of the sculptures - especially the girl with the wild hair - and hearing your memories too! Happy Monday!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  8. Spectacular!! They are awesome!! (notice the accent..hehe!)

  9. fun sculptures and neat to hear about your life when you lived in the neighborhood.

  10. Lovely memories....wonderful sculptures! Thanks for sharing!

  11. OH WOW!! I love rusty art. It is wonderful and he is a great artist. I thought the banjo was fantastic, but that bull was a masterpiece. Thanks for sharing your fun "side" trip.

  12. So glad you all enjoyed Phil Glashoff's art. I hope you had time to go to the link to see more of it and to learn more about this really interesting man and his art journey.

    Also glad you enjoyed my memories.
    Posting this brought back many more memories of living in that house. The time rats got into the stove and died leaving the worst smell I've EVER smelled in my life.
    And we had to live with it for several days until it was figured out what and where it was coming from!

    Lovely glass French doors in the living room.

    Our cat Brand, who was born there to a wild mommy cat. And who we took with us to our new house 22 yrs ago. Brand lived 14 yrs and is buried in this backyard now.

    The next door dog who would come to greet DH each evening when he drove into the driveway from work with that same little orange kitten following him. And then the dog would curl up to sleep with the kitten curled in his curl.

    And many more...

  13. That is some pretty cool outdoor metal sculptures. Did you make all of these yourself? Or did other people help create them with you?


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