Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday Chores and Art Fun!

The day started off with a visit to the Vet for Henry. He's fine. But is was time for his annual exam and two shots. He weighed in at 14.6 pounds. From there we went to the bank and later I got the oil in my car changed... And then I took off for Suisun City to the Lawler House Art Gallery to check it out and
see the current show. Ken Chew who does amazing paintings had a few hanging in the show this being one of them. Doesn't it just invite you into the house? I love the shade shadows too. See more of his work on the link by clicking his name above.
And I met docent Jane Waters, a professional photographer/artist, former director of the gallery, before Ken took over that position. Jane was in the process of setting up her studio in the attic of this wonderful old house. Her window faces the water of the Suisun Slough. What a dream spot. Slanted ceiling, plenty of room to roam and create. She creates wonderful digital photos and she told me all about the one she will enter in the Quilts of a Different Matter show. I can't wait to see it. See more of her work on her website by clicking on her name above.
Jane Waters These are two of her photos nicely framed in the gift shop.
I really enjoyed the variety of artists showing more digital works...
Art quilts (Mary Berry, who I have met at the Vacaville Art Gallery. I may have shown this quilt shown there before. But it is so well done it deserves another showing here). See more of Mary's work by clicking her name above.
Paper sculpture by Ken Chew.
And this wonderful quilt made from silk neckties are just a few of my favorites.
Tomorrow I will show you the metal sculptures I saw in Fairfield in a field across the road where we once lived for a short time.


  1. Oh that kiss is so perfect! One of my favorite paintings........sigh.
    Fun shot of Henry, glad the vet visit is behind him.
    Enjoy your Sunday!!!

  2. Those silk neckties are so fun in this quilt. The quilt of the couple so intertwined is very seductive. Great art all. The paper flower amazing. I thought the first painting was a photo at first. What inspiration. Of course Henry is a handsome dude no matter what he is doing.

  3. Wonderful art!! I especially like that quilt and paper sculpture--amazing!

  4. I love that quilt made from silk ties. so much colour. Henry is like Lucky, funny how they like hiding under things.

  5. gorgeous stuff (yes, you too Henry).

    I'm interested in that tie quilt. I've been collecting old ties and have been fooling around with patterns - and not wanting to be restricted by the size/shape of the tie - yet still have it be visibly interesting material. I like this approach...and might just try something similar

  6. one other thing Lynnie - yes...we ARE friends. And when we meet someday we will both know it!!

  7. Beautiful artwork, especially love the quilt. Your Henry looks a lot like my kitty, so cute. It seems like many artists have cats. Thanks for sharing your lovely Saturday.

  8. A fun post. Henry looks like he is hiding from any more of all that nonsense. lol
    Love the Art house. Did you get see photos of her studio she is setting up? I looked up that one artist who did pastel and wow. Love his work. Lots here to go back and peruse thru.

  9. Love that Henry....what a face!
    I also love Klimt - and "The Kiss" is a favourite....a few years back, there was a Klimt Show at Neue Gallerie in NY and my Ex took be able to see those works in person meant so much! You can relate....think about the Impressionsists!

    Big hugs!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. I love the art here Lynn.... especially the paper sculpture! Happy Sunday to you too!

  11. Oh my, that adorable Henry V face!!!

    This was a nice srt show Lynn, thanks! Ken Chew certainly has an inate talent. I like his analogy of 'general practioner as opposed to specialist!"

    The photographs and quilts are lovely too, esp the Klimt interpretation.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. How fun! I love to visit art galleries, even vicariously! This one looks especially nice. I love that quilt of the lovers, and that paper art is really neat.
    Silk necktie quilts seem to be plentiful. I also have one.

  13. You are sooo cute, Henry!!! Gorgeous artwork on display there...I know you had a good time!!!

  14. That shot of Henry is absolutely purrfect!! Some lovely artwork there.


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