Thursday, October 21, 2010

French Cafe Paint Brush Holder on ETSY & Grateful Thursday

This soft up-cycled denim and cafe curtain fabric made up a very attractive and useful paint brush holder... A jean seam became it's tie. I chose a potpourri of cotton pieces: gingham, 40's table cloth, and cafe curtain fabrics quilted across the the back.
On the inside resting spot for your brushes is a whole piece from the French Cafe curtain fabric.
Room for eleven brushes, more if you want to double up in some spaces.
I really enjoyed making these and thought at the suggestion of some blog friends
that they'd make nice gifts.
I have some at the gallery gift shop and this one and two others in my ETSY shop. *************
Grateful Thursday!
Grateful that I am back to exercising!
Grateful I got to go to Art and Soul!
Grateful that I met Judy Wise in person!
Grateful that I had some meaningful talks with my son in Portland.
Grateful that my daughter has scheduled a grandparents/grandkids sleepover for early Nov.
Grateful that I had a fun Girlfriends Day with Patty!
Grateful that my client load is up again!!!
Grateful that I am alive and healthy!
What are you grateful for today?


  1. Wow, if I had that many paint brushes, I might be tempted. I think I have three! This is such a clever idea. I like your list of things you are grateful for, too. Being alive is possibly the best. That's because I'm grateful I have you as an art friend.

  2. I LOVE that French cafe material. Its wonderful. You are on a roll with these. I am greatful for being on this side of my operation and feeling sooooo much better. Life is good when you have your health and with both of us having good health now, the worlds our oyster! We're making Pearls! :)

  3. Love that little cafe material, reminds me of my summer trip to Paris. I'm thankful that I made room in the garage for my own little art space. It makes me happy. I really need to start exercising too, thanks for the reminder. :)

  4. oooh-la-la. This brush holder says meet me in Paris to paint. - or - I'd rather be in Paris.


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