Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Journal Pages and Hint of New Project

One of my classes at Art and Soul was called "Road Map to the Creative Life" taught by Judy Wise. Judy creates the most awesome journal pages which you can see on her blog. I have been a follower of her blog for a long time and so wanted to sit in her classes and learn from her. Here are a few FIRST pages of my beginning steps in Art Journal Making.
Oops this is out of sequence here but in the right place in the journal! LOL
I met so many talented artists in both classes I attended...Here is the work of one on top
(a cat for animal Wednesday) and Dawn from WA who sat at the table behind me.
And of course Judy...who turned out to be as wonderful as I thought she'd be and then some.
I met Jenny in the Sunday Encaustics class and have since been befriended by her
on Facebook and am now following her blog too.
Creativity is Happiness
(Blogger would not allow me to link to it but go there on your own!) And that is her at the top of this page and her wonderful
art at the bottom.
painted pages, which marker works best? Asking each other...
Using stencils...
wonderful quotes given us by Judy... Linda was my table mate and we had lots of laughs together!
Her art was very special too.
This is a peek at the very very beginnings of a new project I am working on.
Something for a show called "Quilts of A Different Matter" A show I had to be invited to join, so I emailed the director and got myself invited!
color me chutzpahite
Stay tuned to see more of it's progress as I progress!
I don't have a photo of what I
tonight out in our dark backyard.
I do not even know how to begin to draw or write the sounds
It was two highly pitched screeching voices
that woke every dog in the neighborhood to loud barking
brought neighbors back door lights on
and had me frantically calling HENRY.
He came in later
all puffed up
but otherwise
not looking
Happy Animal Wednesday!!!


  1. I love "remembering" Art and Soul through you. How wonderful that you could meet one of your mentors and learn more from her--I have to say it again--I would love to have gone!!
    P.S. Jenny is a sweetie :)

  2. Busy lady as usual -

    Poor Henry - hope he is just fine.

  3. Your journal pages are great rememberances of your class. Your new project looks interesting with all those buttons holding down material. I hope Henry wasn't in on the fight. Maybe he was just a spectator.

  4. Your pages look great. It looks like you are taking your memories of Art & Soul and making wonderful art with them. This book will be qute a treasure for you. Happy Creating.

  5. I'll have to keep my eyes open for Art & Soul next year. I really want to go!

    Looks like you learned so much Lynn. I'm glad it was fabulous!!

    I know all too well the sounds of a blood-curdling cat fight. Raccoons make quite a ruckus too...maybe it was henry and a 'coon!

    So glad he's okay.

  6. Oh Henry! I am so glad he is okay!
    It looks like you had a wonderful time, sounds like so much fun!
    Lovely pages and the quilt looks yummy. xoxo

  7. This is cool. Is this the sketch book project that gets sent away or is it yours to keep? Looks fun. Your new project looks fun too. glad to see you back to creating. Hope Henry stays all right. Silly animals. Sometimes its all noise and not fighting. Lets hope thats all it was.

  8. Lynn, you have always been a talented lady - but "Art and Soul" has unleashed your passion! The journal is wonderful!

    As for Henry V....thank goodness he is brave a "warrior-king" as he is - you don't want him battling a raccoon! Kiss the Furry Monarch for me - and a big hug to you!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Henry has fought the great cat (not a racoon) today again! And come home happy warrior none the worse for wear.

    Cris, it's the new journal I started at Art and Soul, mine to keep.

  10. You are off to a great start Lynn. Art & Soul must have been wonderful!

  11. Hey artsy sister! The journal pages are looking awesome! Fun to see me in the journal, thank you for your kindness Lynn. Since I've started my little art journey I've never been happier. Much Love to you and look forward to seeing more journal goodness. :)

  12. Everyday we devote some time for art. I am glad that you have planned for a journal to record some candid creations, they are so meningful and pretty1
    Keep it up Lynn!

  13. Thank you for your comments.Your class looks to have been fun. Have you seen Teesha Moore's You Tube tutorials on journaling. They are really informative. Great thrifting.

  14. Lynn, this looks like a wonderful, creative, juicy workshop and I would have loved to have been there. That is a really lovely quote about the thread. I may copy that and paste it into my journal. Your sneak peek of new work looks exciting.
    So glad Henry came in unscathed. Cat fights are never meek or mild.


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