Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some of What I brought home on Saturday...

A cache of beads and lace doilies...and a pair of jeans one leg of which has already turned into two paint brush holders (see ETSY on side bar)... This roll of soft canvas, that some of has also become a painted gecko paint brush holder, also in ETSY.
A cute mermaid swam up from the bottom of a basket...
Henry checked her out and then the rest of it too...
These wonderful rusted metal I to make some crazy mixed media with them? Or sell them on ETSY? Time will tell.
I found these rolls of gold painted nails thinking someone else had started an art project that I might finish, until DH informed me that they go with a nail gun! Did not find the gun, nor did I think I needed one. But who knows what I can turn these into...
And buttons, big buttons, small buttons in between sized buttons. I thought I'd died and went to button heaven. Now these I will use for sure!
A page of this old French English dictionary has already made it into my art journal pages.
And the Chem flash cards are just the right size for tags on art work, or journal page background, or or or....
rick rack in six colors, brand new glue sticks (6); notebooks brand new, oh my list goes on and on.
Someone asked me the other day here on my blog if I feared I was going to recollect stuff till our house was once more bursting at the seams. So far I have not, I have a place for everything I brought home and hopefully most all of it will make it into one art project or another! So far so good. Oh, I almost forgot the buy of the day: This complete set of brass alphabet letters in an old wooden box with a slide out top. I haven't tried them yet, but am sure they will be great for journal pages too. Maybe even on fabric! I thought they were a bit pricey at $15 until I went to the second place and found another box of them with only slightly larger letters and the guy there said he was selling the brass and wanted $75 for his set. So I decided I really did get a deal at the first place.
They are engravers letters.
Thrift shopping is fun. Do you do it too? What do you look for and get?
I got an email recently telling me those self published blog books are now being sold with a 15% discount coupon. Through Bookshare if interested. Time limited.
I also realized that if I delete the comments the book is half as much in cost as it was with them.
I love my comments I get...but do my kids/grandkids need them? Will they mean
to them what they mean to me?


  1. Oooh, I already miss going to the flea markets around here and winter hasn't even started yet :(
    I love everything you found--especially those letters!

  2. You certainly struck it rich with this haul. Those engravers letters will be perfect for some embossing on your journal pages. What fun. Beads, I love beads and you always seem to find them. I rarely find items I really like while junking. I like to go occasionally though. I can't wait to see what you make of all these treasures.

  3. I love the mermaid and the brass latters. It looks like you're using your goodies as fast as you collect them! I guess that answers my question :)

  4. Hi Lynn,
    You know me, I love a good rummage around the bazaars here. As a matter of fact, I went to one on Sunday. I got a load of stuff.

  5. I say delete the comments. it's your posts that posterity will want to read.

    i drool with envy once again at your thrift shop fun. On Cape Cod there were tons of thrifts and I found fabulous stuff for pennies. Rich people live there.

    Here, so many poor people. Very very few thrifts shops with muchly junk i dont want.

    one of my life frustration therapies is to thrift shop and thus i am quite stymied here. I used to go almost every week or two or three times a week if I felt like it back on the Cape.

    Up here to hit three shops I would have to drive for hours and hours.

  6. You always make this kind of shopping look like fun and with your eclectic art, they are perfect.
    Personally I just can't get into it. :-)

  7. OMG. I love everything you bought, including the stencils AND the rusty pieces. Love, love, love them all, even the nails that go in a pneumatic nail gun. Had a laugh at that one (grin).

  8. looks like fun, we have no good flea markets here, wish we did.

  9. I am always amazed at what you find. And you always put them to use. In fact your Art projects come alive from what you find so if you didnt have these supplies you wouldnt be making all those wonderful things and entering shows and having so much fun. Keep finding those Art pieces!! :)

  10. What a great haul! Looks like you had a great time! I can't wait to see how you use it all in your art!

  11. Thank you all for coming today and leaving comments about my thrift shopping spree! I hope I can satisfy everyones curiosity by showing what I do with all the things I bought.

  12. always find the coolest stuff!!! Love the engravers letters! Yes, I am a big thrift shopper...look at all, briung home anything that hits my eye right!!!


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