Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday Shopping

DH said get in the car (early) there's a huge estate sale in the next town down the road! So I got in. It was at the OLD ICE HOUSE...our first stop was...and inside were all sorts of amazing things to see. I actually bought quite a haul, which I will post tomorrow. Today you get to see what we SAW and did not buy. ;-) Not sure why but old dolls always touch my heart... Now why oh why did this sign tug at me so? Maybe because my grandma had one and I used it too for several years many years ago. This actually is at the next place we found called John's Hauling and he had an array of collectibles to knock your socks off too! This family of man stood in the back yard
And some of it was displayed as if it was it's own little art show
LOVED this array of rusted things in the window
And there was this kind of art too: Paintings!!!
I bought a lot of things at both places and again at the thrift store
before heading home to sew!
Tune in tomorrow to see what I got!!!
How did you spend your weekend? I hope you had fun too! *************
PS: On Sunday I made and put three newly created paint brush holders in my ETSY shop.
Two from an old pair of jeans I bought & one from a big piece of canvas I found at the thrift store.
See on side bar!


  1. Great photos here. I love all the old signs you took pix of. Fun to go junk hunting even if you dont buy. Love the Ice house photo. I just posted about my week and weekend. Now I am going to go back and look at all these photos again. Cant wait to see what you got.

  2. Oh and for some reason I dig that painting. How much was it?

  3. Neat place/places! That Singer sign is cool!!!

  4. Cris I could be mistaken but I think the painting had a 5oo $ price tag on it.

  5. How did you resist that Sewing sign? I could hear it calling you all the way here. Can't wait to see what you did purchase. I had a good weekend too. I attended a wedding. Visited friends etc...

  6. You'd be so much fun to go yard saling with!!

    Lynn, do you think your beautiful new house will get filled to the rafters again? I know it's a slippery slope(trust me, I'm there!)

    Looking forward to seeing the "loot."

  7. Hi Lynn - what a great day out! I can't resist hunting down a good bargain. Want to see what you found and where you will put it!


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