Saturday, October 16, 2010

Girlfriends Day Out and Art Show!

Patty came up on Friday and we went out to lunch at our favorite spot, the downtown bakery. We split a half of chicken salad sandwich (their halves are huge) so we'd have room for dessert! Patty had dark chocolate gelato and I had a mix of dark chocolate and espresso gelato! Oh, to die for (or from), but what a way to go!!!! Of course we wanted cookies too and the raspberry almond cookie is par excellente there! So we each had one! Needless to say I am still buzzing from all that sugar nearly four hours later!! ;-))))) After we finished eating we went downtown so I could pick up my art from the last show; and then stayed to see the current show...non juried for members and other artists. Lots to enjoy.
On the bottom left corner is a fabric piece by Mary Berry. My one day watercolor workshop teacher David Peterson had three in the show (see 4th down on far right side); wonderful bright acrylics, lovely watercolors; fun collages...lots of really good stuff.
Enlarge collage to see more details. A fun afternoon, thanks Patty!
I share so many successes, I feel it only fair to share my latest brave try that was not successful.
I entered three pieces into a textile art show in Sebastopol, at the Sebastopol Art Center,
but found out this morning that all there were rejected.
Disappointment, sigh!
I guess you can't win 'em all.
Maybe next time.
A good reason to drown my sorrows in good gelato!


  1. sounds like a lovely day. as for the rejections - just remember all the wonderful art work that you thought should be in some of the other shows that you were in. They can't take everything so I think it's usually that everything is wonderful and you just have to pick what goes best with the area...or something like that.

  2. Now dont you just look like the Cat that got the Cream. LOL Good pictures of both of you eating your Sugar highs. :))So sorry about not getting into the Show you wanted but I wouldnt say its a rejection. It just wasnt your time for being in there. Some of the greats were over looked before they became big. Glad you had your best friend to eat your sorrows away with. :))

  3. mmm, the gelato sounds yummy!

    I wouldn't use the word rejection either. Now that I've enetered shows since being back I realize they (the judges) often have a certain look or theme in their heads for a particular show. They may like what they see but decide to go with something else. There's always the "we have no more room" factor.

    You know there's an audience for your work!

  4. What a wonderful day out with your friend. Too bad it was tempered by not getting into the show. It is just their loss. Don't take it personal. I still love you Lynn.

  5. Lisa, your still loving me comment warms my heart!!! Thank you!! I am okay with not getting into the show.

    I appreicate all of your feedback Mim, Cris and Lolo...helps to hear and remind myself that they can't take them all!!


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