Friday, October 15, 2010

Back To Work!

I rarely if ever post about my work life on my blog. I see it as a totally separate part of my life from home/art/friendships/personal/art/art/art/ life that my blog is all about.
But it's interesting to me that several weeks prior to Art and Soul in Portland, I had a hard time keeping my head focused on my work. I did, I was there, I was present, but I was also dreaming of Art and Soul. And as a result perhaps, my client load dwindled. Now that might be a mere coincidence. People do get better and move on. People do stop coming for lots of legitimate reasons; but the phone line of new clients seemed to just dry up.
And now that I am back I have new clients calling and coming in; I have former clients calling and coming in; I have present clients referring family members and friends. It's as if my mind set changed and the gates opened up for business again!
I just find that very very interesting however synchronistic it may or may not be.
And Today is Friday my day off!
My friend Patty is coming up to spend girlfriend time together.
Not sure what all we will do, just know it will be precious time.
Enjoy your Friday and Weekend!


  1. Strange what brain waves can do!

    Have fun with Patty - jealous of the day off

  2. It is interesting Lynn, but maybe just the endless client here client there cycle that hits most self employed therapists and counselors???? Anyway, glad they are coming again.

  3. The mind is a powerful tool. Have fun this weekend.

  4. What you experienced is also something experienced by people who are about to retire from their jobs. Their minds are no longer on the job, but on what they will do after the job ends. These are the people who will most enjoy their retirement because they are already mapping it out in their minds. It is a condition often studied by people in my profession and no amount of motivation changes their behaviors.

    Glad your clients are coming back and you have returned to your previous state of mind. Now go have some fun with your friend today.

  5. What was that movie saying. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME..? If you think them they will come. :) So they were so looking forward to your Art and Soul weekend I can understand the fading out of work work. And I think of visiting your family you dont get to see often either. Enjoy your day with Patty.

  6. Absolute synchronicity if you ask me !!! You took care of your creative soul with allowed energy and power to slip into your business life too ! Just goes to show that art is life !!!
    Enjoy the flow and the precious girl friend time !

  7. It is funny how that happened--but as someone mentioned, perhaps the Art and Soul workshop was just what you needed to restore yourself and open up to more clients. Hooray for the process of renewal! (I'm for that on a daily basis.) Enjoy your Friday:)

  8. I think Kim said it best. You do fee that creative side so well it has to spill into all areas of your life....

  9. That's an interesting observation ... I'm sure it's real. Have a fun weekend!

  10. The Universe was making space for Art & Soul.

  11. Being a therapist/counselor must be demanding. You needed to feed your own head with something creative and fun. It would be hard to listen all the time to problems of others....."I need a appointment" Love all your pictures, you had fun!!!
    Hugs, Mary


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