Thursday, October 14, 2010

And Then There was Family Time

My son Dan, DIL Jackie, and grand daughter Kaeli picked me up at the airport in Portland...We went out for Thai food the second night I was there, I loved the colored walls and all the art on them. It was sweet spending each evening after classes with them. On Sunday my grand daughter took me to the airport. I enjoyed talking to her about college... Once there I learned that my flight was going to be late! So I spent the extra time drawing in my sketchbook
It was nice of all those others waiting for their flights
to pose for me...
The man reading the newspaper was particularly good looking...
It was fun for me to fly off on my own like this,
I took a shuttle service from the airport to my house.
Easy Peasy.
I think I'll do it again next year!
I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best at the art retreat
and being able to have this time with my family
that lives far away!


  1. I've had so much fun reading about your adventure--if I lived on that side of the country, I'd for sure go along with you. Love those people sketches :)

  2. The best of both worlds, right? It's been fun reliving this with you, too. And those sketches are wonderful. Makes me want to learn to draw (GRIN).

  3. I knew that the first photo had to be your son with you. He resembles you so much. What fun being able to work in a visit with a workshop. Lucky you. Your waiting room portraits are great. I like your style of capturing likenesses.

  4. Brava to you for making your living into art ! Good life there, my friend !

  5. I just love sketching at airports too. So many interesting people! Sounds like a perfect time for all.

  6. Thai food and seeing your family! What a great combination!
    Your son looks like you ;)

    Enjoy your time together!!!

  7. What a nice looking Son you have. So happy you got to stay with your family while doing the Art workshops. Sounds like the perfect retreat. Love the drawings. How did you keep them from knowing you were watching them to draw?? :))

  8. sorry i have been absent a few days looks like...busy around here...your art classes looked just devine and seeing your son and his family too...I know you loved that thai place with the artsy walls!!! :)

  9. Love the drawings Lynn, hope you come back next year. :)

  10. You have a beautiful family! How wonderful to spend time with them AND get to take great classes!

  11. forgot to say...I love the sketches! I'm always shy about drawing in front of people.

  12. Diane, make the trip is will be so worth it!!!

    Elizabeth, I learned to draw in a class for people who thought they could not draw!!! Just do it.

    Lisa, thanks about son and drawings.

    Suki, it WAS!!!!

    Kim, making my living into art? Hum. Sounds good.

    Teri, it was such fun! All of it.

    Marinanne, you think maybe? ;-)

    Cris, no one seemed to be paying the least bit of attention to me...they were each in their own world.

    Julie it was all very very special.

    Jenny, I will I will, and thanks.

    Bee, thanks I was truly blessed.
    and as for the drawing no one seemed to notice I was doing it.
    Think invisable!!!


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