Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Art and Soul Day Two: Encaustics

It's really special when you meet someone in person who you have been admiring for a long time via her blog. This was the case with my being in Judy Wise's Encaustic workshop at Art and Soul on Sunday and Art Journal Workshop on Saturday. I had blown Judy up so large in my mind that I was amazed when I saw she was a petite little woman...but her talent is gigantic and her generosity of sharing what she knows with us was huge. It felt like hugging an old friend. Thank you Judy! My encaustic piece before adding the wax, after painting a wood block black, adding colorful papers; cutouts of birds, and a glossy photo of Henry V, then adding painted stars on dark blue over black paint. (happy animal Wednesday!!!)
I met another awesome artist there, Jenny Lee Wentworth of Creativity is Happiness blog. This is her wonderful art piece before adding wax too waiting for that second butterfly to land in the upper right hand corner.
Judy at her demo table behind her wonderful encaustic works of art.
I tried to collect and collage many of the wonderful pieces created on Sunday
in this fun filled workshop.
enlarge photos to see more details please.
In the next collage below the Henry piece in upper left corner now has wax and gold foil spirals added.
That's Jenny in top row 3rd from left.
Second row 2nd from left is my table mate Linda. Next to her is Jenny Stroyeck who also did awesome art pieces. I'm sorry I don't know every one's names nor am I connecting each piece to it's artist.
Enjoy them all, they are wonderful artists and wonderful works of art.
My other piece is the one on the bottom row far left with wax
and next to it you can see it before wax was added. Wax changed the white to gray
and words from behind that cut out show through adding an unexpected,
but very cool addition to the piece. Gold foil dots added around the little girl last. Turquoise paint on top of black background paint; cut out paper for houses on bottom; cut out doll and paper for her dress added on top; painted splotches with added paint dots around the crayon picture (that Judy said looked like castles to her).
What a learning experience!
Fun Fun Fun!!!!


  1. Okay Lynn, now you want me to learn encaustics with Judy Wise teaching me!

  2. I can imgaine how much fun this workshop has been. Learning all new ways to express your art. FUN.

  3. you and Judy even look alike, like sisters. It sounds like great fun. Do you think you will continue experimenting w/encaustics?

  4. This looks like such a blast!!!

    I like that Henry V was a star ;)

    Funny, I would have never thought of collage encaustics. I just always thought of them as paintings, but now I see people use photographs and all media to cover in wax. Wow!

    Thanks for sharing the fun Lynn!

  5. Love seeing and hearing all about Judy Wise love ! You played marvelously with her, Lynn ! Beautiful results too...

  6. I like the softness that the wax brings - and what fun!

  7. This looked like so much fun. I love what you did. I loved seeing Henry in the one and I love that little girl with the houses. Both are great. Good photo of you and Judy too. Great photos here.

  8. Thank you dear Lynn for this great love letter of a post. I agree with sukipoet who observed that we look like sisters and I think we may actually be sisters!!

    It was such a joy meeting you and playing with you for two whole days. (((many hugs)))

  9. You are awesome Lynn! Fun seeing all the pics and I love your work! You are one of those people that just exudes warmth. I know we only just met but I consider you a friend.:) Thanks for your kind words and metioning me in your post!
    Much Love,

  10. So glad I was able to exude the excitement I experienced at the Judy Wise workshops and that you all FELT it too!!!!

    Suki, I do think I will play with this more. It's such fun and peoples results were wonderous to behold!

    Judy, my brother always told me I was adopted. if that's the case, well then just maybe... but whatever the case I feel the sister kinship big time and lovedddddddddddddd being in your classes. HUGS Back!

    Jenny, of course we are friends! Your art ROCKS and looks akin to Judy's art if you ask me. I will keep up with it all on your blog now!
    What a connection maker these retreats are! I LOVE IT.

  11. Wow....I am in total awe of your stunning work (how could it NOT be with Henry as the STAR) and all the other ladies cteations! What a wonderful event - and how great that you were a part of it!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. This looks like it was loads of fun, Lynn! I like your art piece and I especially like the one in the middle with the musical notes on it.

  13. Ohhh, Lynn! How wonderful that you had an opportunity to meet and work with one of the artists you so admire! And you DO look like long-lost sisters!!!! It seems as though an awesome time was had by all!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  14. Wow! This all looks quite wonderful! I wonder what we will see from you now that you have all this knowledge!!

  15. You have been taking my dream workshops with Judy Wise a long time favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing this,,,,

  16. This looks like you have been having a really great time.


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