Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mom's Gone, I tried to stop her...really I did!

Yesterday Henry sat on my suit case... knocked my book to the floor...
and hunkered way down when I tried to put anything else inside...
I do not think he likes it when I go away...even for a short while.
But (even though I wrote this yesterday while waiting for the shuttle to arrive...) I know I am having a wonderful time! LOL ;-)!!!! (funny posting ahead!) Think of me sitting at the feet of my art-heroine Judy Wise learning the art of art journal making at ART AND SOUL in PORTLAND!!!! PS:
I left wearing one of my "single pockets" around my neck
and inside is:
1. My boarding pass
so I don't have to go digging in my purse at airport check in security
2. My ID card
3. two kinds of hearing aid batteries
4. mints
5. business cards for artists
clever me!


  1. Catching up on lots of your posts today Lynn. Thanks for your visits - I'm not a very good blog visitor at the moment! Sorry about your beautiful tree:(
    Hope you have a wonderful time making art journals. I'll look forward to hearing all about it! - Poor Henry though - seems typical cat behaviour though! He will be happy to see you again I'm sure!

  2. I hope Henry has forgiven you for leaving him behind. Just think Henry, you will have lots of different smells to check when Momma returns.

  3. its so cute how animals, esp kitties, do this sort of thing.

    have a blast!!!

  4. I know you ARE in Portland - having a wonderful (and creative) adventure! Ah, that Henry......this really is a kitty-thing.... they know (and remember) what a suitcase is and that it takes Mum and/or Dad away....

    Henry will forgive you as soon as you are back....

    Can't wait to hear all!

    Safe flight home!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Awww look at that little face. So sad. But Mom is off having the time of her life crafting. Looking forward to lots of photos.

  6. You will love, love, love Art and Soul! This is the first year that I've missed. The creative energy is amazing! You will come home recharged and ready to create.

  7. One of the cutest things I saw recently is a cat bed made out of a suitcase!! They definately gravitate to them.

    I hope you're having a blast!! And yes...very clever you :)

  8. Jasper does the same, only he gets into the suitcase in a take-me-with-you kind of way.

  9. Poor Henry!! My Coco does the same thing. Aren't they smart! I know you are having a wonderful time! I look forward to hearing about Art and Soul and seeing your photos. The single pocket is a very clever idea!! Digging through a purse for your boarding pass and ID is a pain....not to mention the ugly looks you get from the people behind you in line. : )

  10. I love that Henry, look at that very grumpy face! Have a wonderful time!!! xoxo


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