Friday, October 8, 2010

The Trees Came Down and I Stitched Up a Paint Brush Holder!

The arborists came on Thursday and spent all day long whacking off limbs, cutting down foliage, opening up space. They are still here as I write this, working now in my neighbors' yard. We have our fingers crossed that all the branches and leaves littering the area will be cleaned up before they leave. It was quite a feat and you might enjoy enlarging this collage to see the guy at work up in the tree. It's not with out it's dangers this job. You can compare the middle triangle window with my "new view" against the one I posted on yesterdays blog. Quite a difference! ;-( While they worked outside I play/worked inside creating a paint brush case from denim and lace per a customer's order! I hope I please her with my choices of size and design. It's lined with cotton in a darker blue print on a jean pants leg. The outside has a strip of very pretty lace across the top on which I did some free motion machine stitching using multicolored variegated thread. There is room for 17 paint brushes in this holder. And it ties with paint splattered jean denim ties once rolled up.
While you are reading this I am packing my suitcase
and waiting for the shuttle bus to come get me and take me to the airport.
I'll be visiting my family when not in Judy Wise's workshops
so I may or may not find time to blog while away.
But I will be taking lots of photos for when I get back.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Those poor trees, I can imagine you being very sad (and cross with your neighbours).

  2. Oh Lynn. I know the love of a tree and can't imagine the sadness that filled your heart. You did the right thing in generating your energy into something artistically beautiful.

  3. Oh my, they REALLY gave her a trim :(

    I love the paintbrush holder. It would be great for knitting needles too. List some on Etsy!

    Have a fabulous time at A&S!!

  4. I hope that tree survives. it is really sad when things like this must happen. But at least it's for the best because it looks like it was taking over your garage (or whatever building), too.

    have a great weekend and trip to Art and Soul. Have fun and stay safe.

  5. That's MY paintbrush holder! I love it - you did an awesome job. Can't wait to get it in the mail and put all my happy brushes in it! Have FUN!

  6. Thats a lot of work out there. Boo hoo on the privacy lost too. Love the brush wrap. Love the lace and denim material. It would be good for knitting needles. Have fun this weekend.

  7. Oh those poor trees. I always feel pain when they have to come down..... but sometimes htey just have to also in my garden , but it always hurts.
    Your pencil case is amazing! FUN!
    have a good trip Lynn!

    Ps and Lo's idea is great I think they would sell.....

  8. I am having three large trees removed from my yard next week. I am sad, but they are also taking over the side yard, leaning over my roof. I can't picture my yard without them, but I know I must do it. You give me courage.

    (P.S. My word verification is "ablemen". Let's hope.)


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