Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Bye Tree...Remember to Breathe...

This is the beautiful view from my living room looking out at the back yard. A tree I planted 22 years ago has grown very tall and very wide... and two of my very nice neighbors are complaining about it over taking their yards. Truth be known they have more of this Camphor tree in their yards than I do in mine. But I can see it! And it is beautiful. However, one neighbor says it is bumping their house and they fear damage to property. The other neighbor dislikes the pods it drops and says they fill his yard and stick to his dogs who then bring it into the house. So I called an arborist who will come tomorrow and cut it way back. I will no longer have my beautiful view and this makes me very sad. I will have to use my own Relaxation CD to calm myself when this work is being done. I just got done preparing this one to send to someone on the east coast who wants it to calm herself when dealing with her teenage kids. It will help with that, as it helps reduce reactions to all sorts of stress.
I had fun creating a new CD cover and disc photo using my own art!
"Take a deep breath in...think "I am"...breath out and think "relaxed"!
Whew, I feel better already!
(should you think you could benefit from this CD
it is for sale in my ETSY shop!
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And it is grateful Thursday~
Well, I am most grateful this week for finding Michele and Terra.
We are emailing and facebooking
and catching up on each others lives.
We have known each other over 40 yrs.
Terra just told me she has a photo of the two of us the night I met DH.
We were very young mommies with very young children when we met.
We are all grandmas now.
Terra saw my pocketbooks on face book and reminded me that it was she who
taught me to sew!
Michele has a photographic memory and is helping me remember so many things I had forgotten.
This is awesome
I am also excited as there is one more big sleep until I leave


  1. Sad about the tree Lynn, at least it is only being cut back, not cut down!

    I still have the relaxation CD you sent me ages ago and it has been great! Lovely to see your art on the outside!

  2. I agree that it's better to give the tree a nice haircut rather than lose her altogether. It's actually a healthy thing for the tree :)

    I wish Art & Soul would come to my area. I can't wait to see what you do! (and learn!)

  3. Oh how sad to look such beauty. We have a few like that too but thank goodness our neighbors dont mind.
    At least it wont be totally gone and it might save it in the long run. If it gets to big it could break and ruin the tree. Love the art on your CD. The fish bring a tranquil feel to a tranquil tape.

  4. At least you don't have to take your tree all the way out. The Arborist will be kind to it.
    Enjoy your art fest.

  5. Patti, so glad to hear the Relaxation CD is still something you enjoy! Thanks for letting me know.

    Lolo, I am flying to Portland for Art and son lives there so I'll stay with him and his family.
    Nice to have both at the same time.

    Cris, glad you found a fish on the CD. I can't see it, but if it's there for you and it works so be it.

    Lisa, thanks...I am so looking forward to this...and the fig tree is down by many feet from top and sides. But I know it will return.

  6. So sad about your gorgeous tree.....but as the others have said - at least it is being cut back - not cut down. It's obviously happy there, so after a new "haircut" - will no doubt regrow with added vigour! (Ha-ha!)
    And this is probably really healthy for it.

    Love your art work for the CD!

    Have a great time in Portland - when do you leave?


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Robin, I leave tomorrow at 4! Thanks.

  8. So sorry about your tree, Lynn! I love the art work on your Relaxation CD!!!

  9. I'm sorry about the tree - we do get attached to things don't we? It's good to keep your neighbors as friends though. Nothing worse than bad neighbors. We had a neighbor once that shoveled dog poop out of his yard and deposited it in our driveway. Because we had dogs he assumed it was our dogs even though they only went in our fenced back yard. I was glad when he moved. Have fun! Thanks for taking the time to make my request. I can't wait to see it!

  10. Lynn, I love your new cover art! Sorry about your tree.

  11. Thanks Chris, that is a cat I drew last year I think when I was making calico drawings of cats!!! Glad you like it on the CD cover. The trees will grow back.


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