Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Animal Wednesday & Found Friends!

Happy Animal Wednesday
from Henry V. & I.
I had a fun day yesterday finding two friends on-line from the 1970's era of my life! M. lives fairly close by (1 hr 15 min) she's a foodie who has published 20 books!...and might get to see her in person week after next! Just found T. and hope to catch up on her life real soon. I hope the three of us will be able to meet up. We all attended college classes and had toddlers at the same time together. They were also wild and crazy times. ;-)


  1. wow - at first I thought Henry had found some old littermates! Glad you found your old friends - that's always a treat!

  2. cool can you tell me the name of the writer? off line maybe. what kind of bks??

  3. Henry looks as happy as could be all curled up there asleep. Have fun with your friends.

  4. Looking a lot like Jas in this shot.

  5. Fun to find old friends!
    HAW to you and hug for Henry!

  6. I just love these pix of Henry.


  7. Its fun to find old friends and with the internet these days you can find just about anyone. Enjoy the renewed friendship. Henry looks very comfy. :))

  8. How fun to find old of the many positives about the Internet!

    Ah, that Henry.... he is, for sure, the "King of Comfort"!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. henry V is doing what I have been doing for a good part of the day, trying not to let a cold develop. fun for you to find old buds!!

    HAW :)


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