Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In at the Pence!

I drove to Davis Monday morning with my little basket of pocketbooks to make my plea to sell there in their gift shop. The Pence is a beautiful gallery that is currently hosting a marvelous traveling quilt show called 12 Voices... But first I went in and met Eileen who is in charge of the gift shop, what goes in, etc. She liked the 4 pocket pocket books best! I think she REALLY like them. She was more hesitant about the single pockets. She was concerned about prices and we discussed what sold there and what did not, and who their traffic and potential clientele is. She told me Davis was "cheap". Meaning they did not like to spend a lot of money on things. Ouch! She went on to say that there are college students with no money, and then others who are careful with theirs . But I wasn't willing to go down on my prices much. We settled on $40 for the 4 pockets and $20 for the singles (the gallery takes 50%, and I wanted to walk away with something for my hard work!!!). So we shall see. She'll keep them through their holiday sale.
Then I had time to stay and see the quilt show. OHMYgoodness!!!! These were some amazing art pieces...all huge in size and the prices that would have knocked my soxs off (had I been wearing any)...ranged from $2000 to $25,200.00. I kid you not. Wonder how many will be sold in Davis? ;-0
And they were beautiful art. I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED!!!!
this post card does not do them justice
but I was not allowed to take photos. think large
90"-103" X 103"
Look up Susan Shie, Teresa Barkley; Linda Colsh
my favorites &&&
I was also happy to see my friend Terry Busse had art climbing the wall of the stairs to the upstairs gallery and it looked devine!!!
Way to go Terry!!!!


  1. Wonderful--I'm so glad for you--that you'll be able to have your pieces in such a great shop!!

  2. People often spend a little more on gifts through the holidays. I hope you sell some of your pockets. I can imagine quilts being sold for those prices because of all the work that goes into them. They are worth every penny but I could never afford such a work of art. What fun seeing them though.

  3. Good for you for taking your wonderful pockets there!!
    I know they'll sell ;)

    I'm glad I showed you pictures of how I stuffed the pockets of the one I bought. It was so much fun and so well received ;)

  4. I can understand the area you are talking about. We are much the same in the midwest. These are rather steep prices for our area, but I don't live on the west coast, which I realize has a much different price structure and clientele. I'm sure some will sell, and getting them shown in the gift shop was a big feather for your cap.

    WOW, those quilts look gorgeous. I really LOVE art quilts and these certainly were something no one would use on their beds.

  5. You work so hard, I hope you are pleasantly surprised and that your books sell like 'hotcakes'...

  6. I hope you sell them all or at least some. Lisa is right, People tend to spend more around the holidays. Nice you got to see a quilt show too. To bad you couldnt take pix but the card shows a variety.

  7. congrats on getting in the shop. i'd think college students would lvoe the pocket books. i know, that's the bummer about shops and galleries as taking 50 % is the most usual amount.

  8. Good for you holding firm on those prices! We can not undervalue our work. I think they will sell just fine. xoxo

  9. How cool! The pockets should do well in that venue...such artistic individual peices. I think the folks there will fall in love with them, for sure!!! Best wishes, Lynn!!!


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