Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday's Outing; Sewing on Sunday; To Market Today! All on Cactus Monday!

Happy Cactus Monday. These are some cacti we came across on Saturday while out garage sale-ing. They are one's I have photographed before, as they stand tall at the side of a house out in the country side, where a very nice man sells recycled stuff from his barn next to his house.
I came home with beads, appliques of butterflies, and lace; art tissue papers and books for a quarter each. The sun shone and we enjoyed ourselves. Do these sabra fruit look like a heart to you? It did to me.
The balloonists were out in full force...we saw eight over this field at one time...
The sky looked ominous, like rain, but it cleared up as the day wore on and the sun shone the rest of the weekend.
I thought these spent corn stalks made a beautiful photo.
On Sunday, Hannah suggested that I take my quilted pocketbooks to the Pence Art Gallery in Davis and see if they'd take them in their gift shop. I had six pocketbooks and only one single pocket. So I got busy and made six more single pockets with ribbons to be worn around the neck. I made tags with explanations for each pocket; and a sign to hang from my basket with ideas for how the pocketbooks might be used, including the photo of one four pocket book and the pic of me wearing the single pocket around my neck. I must have put in eight hours easy working on them.
Wish me luck, I am taking them in today. They have a traveling quilt show on exhibit right now through November called 12 Voices and some local quilters art as well. Seems to me these would fit right in. We'll see.


  1. Oh yes, good luck Lynn--I'm sure they will love these--how could you not?! To me, these are very unique.
    P.S. Wonderful photos!--speaking of unique--those cacti--non-existent around here.

  2. Good luck - I hope they take them. I'd say 'i'm sure they"ll take them " but don't want to give you a kinna hura (SPELLING ON THAT?)

  3. Love the cacti photos. They don't overwinter well in the midwest where it freezes for way too long each winter.

    Good luck selling your books and purses in that gift shop. Sounds like a great fit to me!

  4. There are some great photos here. That is some cactus. I love the corn stalks. Great shot. I hope you get into that gallery with your pocketbooks. They should go over well in there and sell well in a college town.

  5. Hi Lynn, Thanks for directing me to the correct blog to follow.

  6. Best of luck selling your pockets. What a busy weekend you had. Love the big cactus. HCM.

  7. Oh such beautiful cactus!! Happy to see you playing again.


  8. HCM - and good luck with the gallery.

  9. Lynn, love your cacti photos. The sabra fruit is quite delicious as I found out a couple weeks ago. Prickly little suckers that try to deter one from enjoying the sweet fruit but so well worth the try. We call them tunas. Not sure why. They don't taste fishy. LOL!


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