Friday, October 1, 2010

An invitation to enter my door....and Grandma Pride!

Art Quilts Around the World's challenge this round (we have a new one every three months) was "Doors". My door opens and I invite you to go to that blog to see the details about it HERE. See why it's called "Seven Decades", how I made it, etc. I hope while you are there you will also enjoy looking at all the other door quilts by the other members of this group from the US, The Netherlands and from Australia. Enjoy!
I got a very sweet email yesterday from my daughter and I thought you might enjoy this part of it too. I guess we can file this under proud grandma:
She was telling me that my six year old grand son "has taken to walking around with a pencil and a tiny notebook as he is very serious about learning to read and to write."
She also said that they were really proud of him as he scored 5 of the eleven goals his soccer team made last Saturday! She said it was very cute, 4 against 4 with no goalie.
She said my grand daughter, also six years old, loved her ballet class and being an artist, and was signed up to take an after school class in textile fashion art. She wondered if I thought she took after her grandma? You think?


  1. I will pop over to see the results of your door quilt. Those Grands are marvelous.

  2. door quilt interesting. grandkids marvelous. love the notebook and pencil. the textile art class. wowsie they even have such a class for kids.

  3. This turned out fabulous. I went over to see it all and enlarged it to see the writing and pictures. Sounds like the Grand kids are going to be top notch artists in one way or another. I cant imagine one so young interested in taking a textile class after school.. We never had things like that when growing up. Well I didnt.

  4. Hi Lynn,
    I went to the other site also.
    I'm amazed at all the work in this quilt. Love how you included all that text around the door!
    The whole thing is a wonderful concept, and you've executed it beautifully!

  5. love the door...
    love the stories of kiddos taking after grandmothers too.
    Have a great Sunday evening, Lynn!

  6. You should be proud :-). I am off to look at the quilts, I love your door! xoxo

  7. How fun! I can't wait to see all the different doors. Yours is beautiful!

  8. Looking at your blog is a visual gift for the eyes. I love all the color you use (just finished looking at your pockets!). Suggestion: Have you thought about sewing paintbrush holders? I've seen fabric brush holders that have long narrow pockets for the brushes and they roll up and tie with ties. I would be very interested in them should you make them. I bet some of the other artists who visit your site would be too.

  9. Patty (Pak Art) I'd be happy to make a brush holder for you if interested. I made a smaller holder for colored pencils for my grandkids last year that rolled up and tied. Is that the sort of thing you want?

    Thanks all who went to see the
    "door quilts"...and thanks for your kind words about mine. ;-)


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