Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mostly Batiks, Cottons, Some Leather...Two New 4 Pocket Pocketbooks

Think soft cottons, big buttons, texture, pleasing patterns, oranges, reds, purple, yellow, blue greens... Think of all the different things that would fit into four 4" pockets once folded fits snugly into your bag, suitcase, backpack, purse, etc...
Think hand made paper fabric lining on front and back covers, a few soft leather patches mixed with 100% cottons...
Think machine stitches quilting crazy patchwork together and hand embroidery stitches holding all four pockets in place...
Think ropey ribbons looped over buttons keeping flaps closed and treasures secure inside...
Think delicate beads decorating ends of ties adding a little more pizazz...
Think the holidays are coming and who would you like to buy this for? Someone who will appreciate hand made artistry...
Think soft batiks back and front, blanket stitching finishing around the outside covers...
For this book we will call #4
Think again, yet one more soft cotton four pocket pocket book
more hand made fabric paper lining covers and the inside of each pocket flap...
decorative buttons you will love to touch...
sweet blending of colors and fun stitchery...
Wonder what will go in these pockets...
before you close them up and tie them shut to tuck into your purse or gift bag.
We'll call this one #5
See side bar with Pay Pal Add to Cart to buy instantly.
Send me via email your mailing address at
telling me which pocket book you want by #
in the comments box here.
Other Four Pocket Pockets books still available:
click on #1, #2 and #3 to see photos of each
#4 Batik with Green Button front (see on post Sept 29, today's post)
#5 Batik purple button front (see on post Sept 29, today's post)
Happy Animal Wednesday.
Henry was camera shy today...but he sends his Meows to all!


  1. I got my book yesterday in the mail and I would highly recommend these as UNIQUE gifts to anyone. It is amazing. Lynn puts so much into it and you can actually feel the love and care. Love of what she does and love for the person she's making it for. Power-packed pockets.

  2. I love #5!! I actually love the 2 I bought. Now I have to make an ATC for one of the pockets and write a 'sister" poem for another pocket that I put a crystal heart in ;)

  3. Lynn, these are great. I love them both. Sorry to be this way: but I cannot use either EtSY or that instant buy button to see these pocket books pictures.

    with the Etsy button, i just see the wallhangings etc ll I think, that have been on there for awhile.

    with the instant buy button, no pictures of the item are there to choose from, just a verbal order form.

    and when I click on the picture of the pocket book further down on yr sidebar i get a page not found.

    you have other four pocket books available but yet they are not on the etsy so I have to go back to the post??? is that it??

    maybe a new photo showing all four just on the outside which are availalbe.??? or am I lazy?

  4. Me thinks these are all interesting pockets. I too would like to know what all goes into them. HAW.

  5. Suki, when I click on the links of the numbered pocketbooks #1, #2 and #3 at the end of this post it brings up a photo of each pocket book.
    #4 and #5 are the ones featured today.

    If anyone wants to buy one you can pay via the pay pal button on the side bar by selecting 4 pocket pocketbook for $25. Then tell me which one you want by number in comments or email. ( I will mark them as SOLD once I get this information.

    They are not in my ETSY shop yet.

  6. Elspeth, I am so happy your book arrived safely and that you find it "amazing"! Thanks for letting me know!

    Lolo, sweet to learn what you are putting in your sisters' Iris pocketbook!!!! Maybe you'll take a picture of her opening it!? ;-)

  7. These are so pretty. The colors sing. Lots of work here.

  8. These are some "Wild and Crazy" pocket books, girl! You amaze me with the things you come up with.

  9. Wow, these are gorgeous. I think I'm in love!

  10. These are so cute! I just love seeing what you're up to!

  11. Lynn, why don't you exhibit these at a local gallery? They will sell like hotcakes.

  12. Elspeth, thank you. I intend to do just that over the holidays. I will put some in the art gallery gift shop. I hope you are right and they sell. The gallery will get a percentage too. ;-)

  13. Hey Lynn, these are delightful. I was thinking that the Pence Gallery gift shop would be a great location for them because of the 12 Voices Quilt exhibit on now.

  14. Hannah, thank you and thank you for this suggestion. I will take a trip up there today and see if they are interested. Great suggestion. And I'd like to see that art quilt show too so thanks for the heads up about it as well.


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