Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Well, actually I like it when it rains. It turns everything bright green...Henry likes it too. He's looking out over this drenched welcome mat deciding if he's ready to brave the great outdoors...he jumps the puddles but doesn't seem to be at all bothered by the damp or wet...I think his thick coat acts as a good rain coat and insulator for him.
I thought you'd be able to see the rain coming down in these photos but maybe not...
the sad remains of our humongous fig tree...I am missing the leaves turning to yellow and covering our back lawn...
No one is sitting out watching the rain but I can see it coming down against the dark fence in this photo, hope you can too! No need for the sun umbrella, guess I should put it in the garage!
This purple sage is so pretty, it's the furry velvety variety, nice to run your fingers along.
Ah there, now you believe me!
It rained!
My "aunt Mimi" Jade loves it too.
Whens the last time you did this?
Put a cut from the top of a yam into a bowl of water to watch it grow?
I used to do it a lot in the 1970's when my kids were little.
I am excited to see if this one develops into the large plants I remember
from back then.
We shall see. I'm keeping an update of it on my side bar.
Stay tuned.
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Henry you are a true hero!!!!
    I would have stayed inside........
    Lovely pictures Lynn.I am always surprised when people say they love rain or fall, I don't like both ;( But we have too much of that I guess.
    Here in Chicago we have a clear sunny sky after yesterdays stormy weather. I fly home today. Yeah!

    HAW!!!! and have a nice day!

  2. we are having rain here too. Yam? no. But I used to do avocado pits.

  3. I enjoy a rainy day now and then. We need it to be green and fire safe in the Summer so I dont complain about it to much. Well not to loud anyways. lol I keep telling you next year that fig tree will be covered in longer branches and leaves. They grow like weeds. Love several photos here. I could see the rain and I love the chairs under the shelter there. You could use the umbrella for the rain...:)

  4. I've purple sage in my garden too and I love its long wavy arms, very pretty!

    We've had lots of rain here in Australia - our drought is finally officially over. Now the farmers have to worry about locusts hatching!

  5. The hummers LOVE that purple sage!
    Didn't Jimi Hendrix do a Purple sage song? LOL!!
    I know, Purple Haze ;)

    I remember one February in CA when it rained every bloody day. I nearly lost my mind!

    we do need rain for the planet though. You'd think Mother nature would get it right and deliver it in needed doses and not withhold it from some places and dump it all at once on other places.

    ah, a perfect world ;)

    Stay dry Henry V!! HAW♥

  6. I guess I'm the oddball because I love rainy days!! Rainy days are the perfect excuse to spend the day in my cozy studio. I get wonderful creative bursts on rainy or overcast days. As for Fall, I think its my favorite season because it is just full of beautiful color and in TX, the first relief from the months and months of relentless heat. I had forgotten about growing yam plants. I'll have to grow one with you!

  7. You are so brave, Henry!!! Baby Cat is not so brave in the rain! LOL. You have me intrigued by the yam trick! I will definately try this...can I do it with a regular potato as well? You just cut off a chunk that has an eye in it, and lay it in a bowl of water??? I love this idea!
    I found at a local sandwich shop today... 5 gallon plastic pickle tubs for 2 dollars I bought 3 to plant my carrots in. Gonna get them planted ASAP to be ready by Christmas!
    Hope your rain gave you just enough and then went away again!

  8. Oh BTW. I always did Avacados. In fact my Mom did one when she was a teenager and planted it in her back yard and when my Grandmother died it was HUGE. Mine always died as we lived in the mountains and it froze in winter. :I

  9. We finally had a spot of rain this week. Yay... I am amazed that Henry went out in it. He must have a dry spot from where he can watch the rain. Interesting to watch your yam grow.


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