Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grateful Thursday and God Bless The US Mail!

This very very sweet package arrived in the mail on Wednesday. I had placed an order at Annie Coe of Blissful Bohemian's ETSY store at Annie wrapped the order in this pretty package, with delightful handmade cards in pink bubble wrap! Annie makes these very delicate and pretty ceramic art pieces...
I got one for a gift and guess what? I got a gift for me from Annie! Thank you Annie, I am wearing it now and I love it. Xoxo to you too sweet friend.
I hope you will visit Annie's ETSY too.
You will love all the lovies she has there.
Very reasonably priced too!
I was also happy to get my art supplies that I had my son mail to me from Portland
so I did not have to take them on the plane.
No wonder I am making a large quilt now. All my paints and journal making
supplies are in this box!
And I also received my second Blog Book!
I am self published again. These books are real treasures.
They chronicle, as this one does, the entire year of 2008 of my blog.
So all my art work done that year, all the changes in my garden, my noontime walks,
all our vacations, our family events are there in chronological order
in words and photos!
I love my book. I have two now. And two to go (2009 & 2010)
The company is SharedBook.
They offer a 15% off coupon this month.
Do it!!!
And here is day 3 or 4 of my yam shoots multiplying.
Julie wanted to know how I did it.
Yes, Julie, I just cut off the end of the yam that started to develop "eyes"
and sat the flat part of the cut in this bowl of water so the water covered the tiny
root that was shooting out at the time.
Come to think of it I used to do this with avocado pits too.
I'd stick four toothpicks around the middle of the pit and sit it with the toothpicks
balanced over a glass of water. Half the pit in the water and upper half out of the water.
Roots grew down into the water
and leaves grew up and crawled across a counter top and up the wall
where ever you wanted to guide them to go.
Indoor plants that need little to no care...just keep the water in the bowl or glass. I am grateful today for getting past my artist's slump while making my latest art work:
the quilt. I always seem to get to a place in my creating where I question what I am doing,
if it's any good, where it is going, what more does it need, etc.
I think I am on the other side now with this one and it's almost done.
As soon as I make the last finishing touches, it has to be done by Sunday,
I will show you.
I am back to exercising on my treadmill again and my energy level which
had started to lag has once again picked up and I feel great.
Newly charged! The serotonin in my brain, the endorphins have kicked in
and I am going full speed ahead once more.
For that I am grateful.
And you?


  1. Wow, I feel energetic and renewed after reading this--such a great post filled with everything that you love.
    P.S. Love that book--my 1 year blog anniversary is coming up--a present to myself :)

  2. What a gratitude filled post, Lynn ! Love it !
    Your gifties are very sweet- the ones from your friend and the ones from yourself ! Love the idea of that book.
    May your attitude of gratitude continue to fill you up!

  3. Lynn-Thank you darling, I am happy you liked your little pendant, I thought you needed one too! You deserve it! xoxo

  4. Love the gifts you got. Love pink and look at all that pink paper.. right down to the bubble wrap. :)
    How fun to get your blog post in book form. Are the photos of good quality? Are they glossy or just flat paper? Glad you got your ART EQUIPTMENT back.. but it's taking awhile to get home probably did get you into this new quilt you have going and it seems to have kicked you into high gear creating again.

  5. Cris to answer your question the book is of high quality glossy pages. The photos are small but good quality. (as good as I took them with my camera). The cover is laminate (soft cover). One can order the book in hard cover as well for a slightly higher price of course. It's well bound. My two are 296 and 303 pages long. And both are sturdy to hold and look through although a bit heavy. Might be wiser to have six months of blog posts per book (without comments) for a lighter weight book. But I cannot recommend it highly enough for a wonderful journal of my year.(s)

  6. Beautiful artful gifts...:0
    I am over the moon about that blogging book...What a treasure to have personally and a spectacular legacy to leave for your children...:)

  7. well from your blog presence you seem to never lag, but I know a blog does not of course reflect but a single facet of a person.

    Lovely heart necklace. Keep on treadmilling. best, suki

  8. What a legacy you're leaving to your family, and what a joy it must be for you to see the culmination of your work in these books!
    And what a nice presentation from Annie, our Blissful Bohemian.

    Nice post Ms. Lynn!♥


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