Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Tour of the Art I Visited Last Weekend.

Well, you just had to see the two headed cow/steer whatever it is, right? I could not deny you that pleasure!
Another Phillip Glashoff metal art piece!And here's another wonderful painting by Kenneth Chew.
I do believe it's the very marina at which the Lawler House Art gallery sits. And so many of you raved about the silk necktie quilt I just know you'd enjoy a close up view.
I like this one. The show was called "Fall" and this painting depicted this best of
all in my estimation.
Ann Jacobs has many pieces of wonderful mixed media art in this show and
I've seen her work in our local gallery as well.
Well, it's powerful, not?
Sorry I did not get the artists name.
I liked this one too!
I see quilts everywhere...these light fixtures no exception.
This a little alcove behind the gallery.
I like the little doorway under the planter of flowers.
Maybe a fairy lives there.
You think?
Enjoy your Friday.
I know I will mine.


  1. Great pictures Lynn!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. wonderful world of creativity you live in. have a blast this WE. hugs, suki

  3. Love that two headed cow. what a sense of humor he has. I loved the fall painting to with the full moon shining thru.

  4. Thanks for the great 'virtual' tour!!! Happy Weekend!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. You definitely have the "eye". Happy Friday to you too.

  6. I loved all of this! I think I liked the necktie quilt best.


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