Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lights Out Put Us Back a Century!

The other night the electricity went out in our neighborhood for some unknown reason (not weather related) there was a mad hunt in the dark looking for candles and matches. (After we renovated everything was put in new places it seemed...but finally I found them). So I was able to sit and embroider by hand on this quilt I am making for a new show. I'll finish this weekend and take in on Sunday. I think it needs a few beads for some added pizazz!
In the meantime my little yam cutting has put out more leaves to enjoy.
I thoroughly enjoyed my Friday off today. Exercise then lots of machine thread-painting sewing; swifting floors, making Halloween cards; completing my work claims; and a run to the post office to mail them all off. Then a swing over to the thrift store next door where I picked up a couple of free books, some inexpensive beads, and a gorgeous black beaded jacket that I will offer to my daughter. If she does not find it to her liking I'll use it for the beads in my artwork. Have a fun weekend.


  1. i lost internet this week and feel like I am in the 19th century! strange how we get used to these conveniences

  2. its kind of fun to be without the electricity for a brief time. romantic to use candles and lanterns. of course, two winters ago places up here were without electricity for up to 3 weeks due to the ice storm. it gets tired after a couple of days, believe me.ini

  3. Funny your electricity went out for no reason as ours did the other day too, but it was day time. We have had outages that lasted awhile and it's kind of romantic for a little while. We keep candles and matches & lanterns handy in case as it usually happens a couple times during winter here. It sure didn't stop you from creating tho. lol

  4. The power goes off here quite often, don't know why most times, but its not as bad as it was when we lived in the other village. We also have the water go off too. Something to do with pumps I think. I have candles out all the time in a candlarbra type thing. So we are always kinda ready for it.
    As for the water well we always drink spring water. We go and fill our bottles up every other day. The spring runs allday everyday.
    Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed your day off. You seemed to do well at the thrift shop too.

  5. Mim, I know we are so spoiled. I get up each morning and come to my computer first thing to see how everyone is doing. I love being connected to people across the country and around the world. It is awesome.
    Suki. I would not be a happy camper without electricity for an extended time. We'd be cold and our food would spoil. I noticed that our neighbors had generators going so their lights came back on. We do not have a generator.

    Cris, not much can keep me from creating,you know that!

    Judith, It must be so interesting and challenging to live in your part of the world.
    And yes, there is always something waiting for me at the thrift shop! Almost always!

    Diane, it was, and let's all make today another great day.

  6. Sounds like a fine Friday ! I hope your whole weekend goes that way !
    Happy Halloween !

  7. Life by candlelight is nice - for a few hours! Nice work on your quilt - and I love watching the little plant grow and grow....

    Sounds like you had another fun-filled and creative day!

    Happy Halloween to you and yours, Lynn!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Sometimes power outages can be a blessing. A time to pull in, be quiet (no TV or radio), and a time for sewing by candlelight or just having a conversation. A time for reflection while petting the cat.

    But then the lights come on and we say "Thank you electric company!!!!" And then we go back to our blogs and emails and tv shows.
    And my hair looks so much better with the electric hair brush curler thingy. haha!

    What I like about you is that you dive into whatever is on your plate and you always make something beautiful from that.


  9. Kim thanks, I am taking it easy now after finishing up the last details on some artmaking.

    Robin, happy halloween to you too!
    Thanks for the mention on the quilt so far.

    Lolo, Ah shucks, you are too kind.

  10. Every time I read that you find beads at the thrift store I turn green. I never find such treasures at the thrift store. Isn't it fun to reflect back to the times without electricity. it makes one feel som blessed with the power of electric.

  11. ou are busier than anything! Sounds all fun though...yeah! Well, I'm not sure I would enjoy embroidering in the candlelight...but definately a challenge!!! That reminds me, I may try some embroidery tonight!


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