Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and/or Happy Fall

I made this little watercolor card for my girlfriend...then copied it and printed out copies for my adult children, grand children and brother and mailed them off! I think they are getting them tomorrow. Oh well, it's the thought that counts! I used the letter stamps I bought at Art and Soul for the first time too. Consider it your card too okay? Happy, happy fall holiday! Will you go to a costume party? Will you dress up? Or will you like me turn off the lights and hide from the revelers and lay low? I have many wonderful memories of fun Halloweens when I was a kid. My girlfriend Patty's mom, (across the street) would put on a party for all the neighborhood kids in their rumpus room downstairs. We'd bob for apples in a silver tub of water; some years she'd hang the apples on strings from the ceilings and we'd have to try to bite into one with our hands behind our backs; she made carmel apples and popcorn balls. And she, the mom, would dress up as a witch with a big green nose! She was scary. Remember those orange and yellow and white triangle candies called candy corn. I think they still sell that. What are your childhood memories of Halloween? We could have a party here! Perhaps post a costume on your blog that you would be wearing when you come to my party!


  1. Happy Halloween. I don't remember dressing for Halloween when I was a child. I like to dress now though. We are going to a party this evening. Later I will post some pictures of us there.

  2. there is a dish of candy corn for you to help yourself to on my blog sidebar.

    halloween was fun, that huge stash of candy. mostly we did door to door as you could back then. here in the boonies no one comes. i do turn out the lights just to make sure though as i have bought nothing.

  3. Thanks for the card, it's so cute! I love dressing up and have a lot of memories of going door to door filling up our bags with loot. My siblings and I would dump our candy into a big pile and trade each other for our favorites. I remember bobbing for apples, much harder than it looks. Thanks for the memories.

    ps: we always stuck the candy corn on our teeth to look like fangs. :)

  4. I remember trick or treating as a kid in Boston, but then it got very dangerous. Bigger kids would rip your bags open and make all your candy spill out, or they'd just grab it and run :(

    Now I turn the lights off and hide from the "little beggers!" Mostly tonight it's because my dog is yappy when someone knocks and my cat is still recuperating and doesn't need the stress.
    I did buy candy for them though. Perhaps I'll put out an "honor" bowl and they can help themselves.

    Cute card Lynn!

  5. oh lynn! you and lo are turning the lights off. my lights will be on but here there are too few kids. myself, i like to feign delight over their costumes! i always loved that when i was little, it was 'gimme the candy' but also 'oh i'm cute tonight'

    i am always amazed how many adults adore halloween. i'm liking that.


  6. Lynn, I LOVE your Halloween card! And how wonderful to see Charles V "in costume"!

    As a girl with an "almost" Halloween birthday, I grew up having costume parties....sometimes themed, sometimes not...but I adored it so!
    Bobbed for apples, played charades and and of course, went out "into the night" to ring "mysterious" doorbells and see what treasures would be given to us!

    Tonight, though, I will be at the Opera - for a rehearsal of "The Makropulous Case" -a story about a 300 year old woman (think "Dorian Gray") - who must decide if she wants to keep on living.... it's actually a pretty good mix for Halloween!

    A big, Halloween Hug to you and yours! Kiss Charles for me!

    Love and Goblins,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Lisa have fun at your party! What is your costume?

    Suki thanks for the candy corn!

    Jenny the thought of you with candy corn fangs made me laugh!

    Lolo, you are trusting with your honor bowl after your early experiences of being candy-mugged on earlier Halloweens! That's sad.

    KJ, very few if any kids come in this neighborhood. We are an older set and no one turns lights on. It's not exactly Bah Humbug, it's more there's no call for it. I do enjoy seeing kids in costume!

    Robin, glad you liked Henry costume! Have fun at the opera!

  8. Hi Lynn
    great card!
    Happy Halloween!
    Here in Holland we are not used to celebrate it. Only the last few years it is new here but I haven't seen any kids in costumes coming at the doors yet.....
    I guess it will take a few years before it will be like it is in the USA.
    So no memories here as a kid with Halloween....
    I do have the perfect cat though ;)

  9. We get at least 200 kids on Halloween night! I count the number of candies I start out with. The houses are close to each other so it's a good neighborhood to walk the little monsters. I'll be busy handing out candy.

  10. Fun Halloween card for all us lucky people.
    I can remember T & Ting in the snow in northern Wisconsin. Anything for candy.

    Happy Hiding Halloween.

  11. No trick or treaters here...only adults who occasionally pop in for a glass of wine...LOL :)Seriously!

    I remember trick or treating in Chicago...when times were still innocent. One knew exactly which neighbor was preparing the best treats...homemade taffy apples (sans razor blades)...and full sized candy bars...personally have to steer clear of the candy corn these days... it is like a drug to piece and I'm a gone-r!

    Have fun hiding...did that too when teaching. I think every kid in town would come by for a visit and treats! Would put me in the poor house! Hmmm...Are there such places anymore??? It was just so much easier in the long run to take the treats to school and give them out there! :) Sometimes I even gave out donuts and juice in my classroom...cheaper than chocolate!!! Great fun!
    Thanks for having the party! :) Feel free to come over later for a glass of vino...:)

  12. Oh Halloween. Loved it then, love it now. In fact, I was a cowgirl on Friday as we celebrated it early at school. Tonight I'll be handing out handfuls of candy to the few that dare to come out on this haunting night. They deserve it!
    Thanks for the candy!

  13. I got guilted so I went out and bought some candy. I'll pass it out until it's gone. ;-)

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  15. Happy Halloween Lynn! I don't get treat or treaters anymore, so I rent a scary movie and call it a night. Lovely card. xoxo


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