Monday, November 1, 2010

Heart Felt Quilt: Stop Bullying Now: Delivered to "Quilts of a Different Matter" Art Show

Addendum:this quilt made it into the 34th Annual Juried Art Show at the Vacaville Art League on May 21, 2011. And it hung in the Lawler House Art Gallery Nov 2010-Jan 30, 2011. The show was called "Quilts of a Different Matter". The title of this quilt is: Stop Bullying Now This quilt is dedicated to Tyler Clementi and the other kids who couldn't take it anymore and to all the other kids still being bullied and shouldn't have to take it any more. This was a hard quilt to make. Not the construction of it, but the theme. The show it's entered in is called Quilts of A Different Matter. While I was thinking of what to make I was reading a book by Jodi Picoult called Nineteen Minutes about a boy who was bullied from kindergarten to high school until he couldn't take it anymore and he took a gun to school and shot his perpetrators. click on photo to enlarge and read script At the same time I was reading that book the news filled with the rash of teen aged suicides of kids who had been bullied again to the point that they could no longer take it and they killed themselves! One of these youngsters was Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers University student who was outed on line by his room mate and another young college student who video taped him during an encounter with another young man and streamed it for all the student body to see. Tyler could not handle this humiliation and he jumped off the George Washington bridge to his death. He was 18 years young.
So needless to say, I was moved deeply by these incidents and those of several other young people aged 13-18 who also took their lives for similar reasons (Bullying) around the same time in the month of September 2010.
To them I dedicate this quilt.
I hope the message gets out that bullying is extremely harmful.
And that people who do it will stop and think about the repercussions of their actions.
I went into a personal funk for several days while working on the foundation of the quilt.
But by the time I got to the writing the words with my sewing machine I felt a release
and was energized to put on cloth what this behavior did to people
the need for everyone to be respected no matter what
photos are printed on organza giving them
a ghostlike look
and hopefully to alert people to the need to be part of the solution by talking and listening to kids.
I finished the last bit of work on the quilt today by hand quilting the borders with turquoise thread. Then I took it in my car to Suisun City to the Lawler House Art Gallery where it will hang in the show until the end of January.
The woman who took my art work in said she had just seen a show on TV about bullying. She said my quilt made her cry.
That's good.
I have made my statement and reached at least one person. _______________________________________________________________ This is what the quilt says: (the words just came out in a steam of consciousness and I sewed them as they came...)
Bullying leaves life long emotional scars, bullying doesn't make you look good.
Bullying only creates hate Stop hurtful behaviors End hate now
Think --- Everyone Deserves to be treated with respect
humiliate, respect, bully (the first and third words are sewn over as if scratched out)
Stop mocking gossip shunning critizing dress disablity religion
Embrace acceptance equal rights diversity differences stop tormet
Cease Intimidation pain coercion psychological manipulation
exclusion jealousy peer pressure push shove target shame fear cry help
Stop bullying prevent teen suicides stop humiliation stress
related illnesses cease tormet cyber abuses peer abuse stop now
cyber bullying passive agression taunting loniness
lies rumors silent treatment laughing at victim staring Choose
hate love mean nice hurtful kindness
Stupid ugly gay whore demean kill spirit depression
Acceptance exclusion Caring Helping Include
Be part of the solution Talk X Listen to kids


  1. Thank you Lynn for this. Over the years I have suffered bullying starting in junior school, right through to the workplace and by neighbours. I have lost my home and my health as a result of bullying and I am now trying to rebuild my life and my health. This helps, because by acknowledging bullying, we can do somehing to stop it and help all the victims to survive and not to turn to self harm, suicide or mass homicide to deal with the feelings left behind.

    I look forward to seeing some of the other work on display at the gallery.

  2. You were definitely lead by a Higher Power when doing this quilt Lynn. It is powerful.

  3. Thanks so much for the sweet words you've been leaving on my blog. I'm still moving slowly, but trying to start visiting people again. I was also taken by the young man's death and wrote about it on my blog last month. Your words may just help someone through his or her crisis.

    People have tried to bully me all my life, but I was raised by Grandparents who taught me to stand up and not back down. I was even bullied in Grad school by one of the professors. I didn't give an inch, and in the end, gained his respect. He picked on a new grad student each year and my first year he picked on me. I made a game of it, and retorted every time he picked on me. The student before and after me quit after the first semester, but by golly, he was at MY graduation. I would not let him get to me. I only wish parents could deal with this because I know it was my upbringing that made me strong and confident. Thanks for sharing this lovely art and for your awesome and powerful message.

  4. Dear Fearless Threader, thank you for sharing your history with bullying. It is heart breaking. I am so sorry this has been your experience. I hope the tide has changed for you and with support life will become better and better each and every day. Yes, as a group we can all help this situation change. I see you as a strong survivor. Sending love and support. ............Lynn

    Dear Lisa, Thank you. Maybe. I'm glad you find it powerful. I hoped to make a powerful statement and it seems I have. Good!!!....Lynn

    Dear Elizabeth, I wonder what that professor thought he was accomplishing by his bullying? How sad to have to use that mode to modavate, unfortunately it seemed to break down more than it made strong. I am glad you were able to persevere in spite of him. I think people like him must have been victims of bullying themselves. Sad.
    Continually wishing you well....Lynn

  5. Yes this is pretty powerful stuff. I know how you went into that funk when you started this but as it progressed you got back to your normal self. Bullying isnt a new issue but it does seem to have gotten worse lately. There is just to much hate circling around and we should have more love for each other not hate. Great job Lynn.

  6. Wow Lynn what a powerful piece this is!
    Meaningful to many!
    I only hope you reach the one who bully as they have to be stopped and I think that is the most difficult part.
    My eldest son was bullied in ground school, but how lucky we were to move and change school so it ended. He is a potential victim as he is different than others ....... but how lucky we were it didn't happen again and he was able to rebuilt his self confidence.
    No need to tell you this hits me right in my heart.......
    beautiful meaningful quilt Lynn!Thanks♥

  7. Yes we all need to stand up and support those being bullied and not give in to the bullies themselves. Well done on finishing a challenging & powerful piece of art!

  8. Dear Marianne, it is heart breaking to hear all the stories about kids who are bullied. I am sorry to learn your son suffered this experience.
    I too hope the message in the quilt reaches someone who bullies and gets them to reconsider and change their behavior. That would be the best!
    Thanks for your kind words about the quilt....Lynn

    Dear Cris, thank you for your heartfelt response to this quilt as well. Yes, we need to continue to spread love around.....Lynn

  9. What an incredible piece Lynn--I received your postcard and am looking forward to seeing it in person. It so powerful--would you think about perhaps displaying it in your local high schools?

  10. Hannah the high school idea is a very good one. When the quilt finishes the show I can look into that! Thanks and so glad you are going to the show I think it will one filled with an eclectic group of artists and mediums.

  11. this is indeed, as many have said, a powerful quilt, full of message and meaning. beautifully done. I know it will provoke many to think and ponder this terrible situation. You are amazing.

  12. What a beautiful act of love Lynn. This touches me as I know it will touch everyone who sees it.

    I was bullied and beaten up all through school because we were poor. I was always so afraid to walk home because they'd inevitabley be waiting for me on the corner.
    The hardest part is hearing the others cheering on the one who is doing the hitting.
    The last time I was beaten I had my nose broken, but what hurt the most is that my best friend left with the bullies as I lay there bleeding.

    I like that I didn't grow up to be mean. Instead I vowed never to be like those people and I chose kindness. It has served me well.

    Thank you for the quilt and for this posting.♥

  13. Dear Suki, thank you for your appreciation of the quilt.

    Dear Lolo, you accounting of your bullying history makes me cry. Why are children so cruel? And the fact that your friend ran with the bullies underscores their feeling of need to aline with the strong and leave the weak behind. The survival of the fittist? To be popular? How do we change this?
    Hugs xoxo...thanks for sharing.

  14. Thank you for bringing awareness to this horrific problem with your touching quilt. I am sure many of us have been effected by bullying at some point during our lives. However, recently it seems that it is becoming an even bigger problem ....maybe due to the internet and cell phones. At any rate, it needs to stop now. Thank you.

  15. Very poignant, full of compassion and there for the world to see...good for you, make a difference by what you do


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