Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks Patty; Fall Walk November at 80 Degrees F.

My dear friend Patty sent me this cute card for the fall holiday of Halloween! It sparkles on my kitchen counter much brighter than seen here, and he's cute I thought for Animal Wednesday! I took myself on a noontime walk yesterday to see the changes of colors on my way to the post office. See my camera held high and my mail held low... And the masses of red leaves I had to trudge through to make my way...Also notice that even though it was November 2nd I was wearing a short sleeved cotton blouse and cotton khaki pants. It was 80 degrees F. out!
Flowers bloomed brightly...
Winter flowers were up in this my favorite sweet garden on the way...
I did find some color but the green in more in abundance still than the red or yellows.
One yellow tree out of the mix. and theses few reds peeking over the white washed fence. Back at my office I settled on the signs of hope
over my neighbors office door.
See how it shouts for everything that's opposite of bullying depicted on the Stop Bullying quilt
I posted yesterday.
And here is my yam plant growing more leaves! Happy Animal Wednesday!
Blooming Tuesday!
Wishes of congratulations for the San Francisco Giants for winning
the World Series yesterday!
peace and harmony in government
and all that is needed to make us run smoothly
and not go further into debt
after the elections of today!


  1. Happy Days. Your post is full of positive energy Lynn. Love the scardy cat that glitters. Happy AW.

  2. boy am I envious of your 80 degrees. short sleeves. And cute kitty card. Walk on.

  3. Isnt this weather on the West Coast amazing right now? You were ten degrees higher then us but it was still shirt sleeve and shorts weather here. Lovely colors on your walk. Cute card.

  4. Warm here in SF too! Perfect day for the Giants to have their parade!

    Love that Halloween card! Did it make Henry jealous? Ha-ha!

    Enjoy the warmth - you know the rain will be coming soon enough!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Intriguing picture that last one.....What is it?
    Love those flags and indeed boo for the bullies!
    My I saw some of the election videos last week in Chicago , my.... what mud throwing......Hope they settle down now ;)
    All looks so warm and colorful there!

    Enjoy it!!

  6. Nice that you have it so warm where you are. Our Spring is slow to take off this year - it's still quite cool here.

    I'm enjoying watching your yam grow!

  7. Marianne that is a cutting off a yam that I put in water and am watching grow. I keep it updated on my side bar too. ;-) Just a fun bit of nature.

  8. Neat black cat and such gorgeous colorful pix!!!

  9. Beautiful blog in all ways. But did not find Henry in his Halloween hat. Love from Jeri


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