Friday, November 19, 2010

How to fill a few empty hours!

Yesterday I had a hole in my day, a few hours with no scheduled clients, so I took myself downtown (a few blocks from my office) where I went into the hospital guild thrift store and found a gift for a friend. I'm always amazed at the cool stuff I find. And I got the "senior" discount for being over 55! LOL Boy, am I so over that number! Then I headed to the bakery for lunch. What a beautiful day it was. The trees downtown are all showing off their fall colors. It's so pretty. The sun was shining brightly. Someone was up in the sky painting it with wonderous art!
On my way home the colors darkened in places and the sun shown through and brightened the day all over again.
This pot on my front door way is full of morning glory seeds coming to life. What a bouquet this will be soon...I must have thrown a handful of seeds in there at one time.
Henry enjoyed a roll in the sun on the warm cement...
He and I are wishing you a happy Friday and a fun filled weekend.
And don't forget to smell the roses.


  1. Lynn, what a lovely day you (and Henry) had! Gorgeous Autumn colours - and what a surprise for you to find those Morning Glories springing to life! And the clouds.... almost "Impressionist-like"!

    As for Henry V.....that face says it all.....what can beat a roll in the warm sun..... ah, life is good!

    Rainy here today.....but it's been a lovely few weeks, hasn't it?

    Speaking of "Impressionists" - I took a mini-break from the Opera and worked a Sunday at the de saw the second exhibit......WOW. (That's all I'm going to say.....)

    Have a lovely weekend - rain or shine!

    Hugs to you and Henry!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. Here you are.. this wasnt here earlier. Love the first photo. love those clouds pix too. Henry is just out enjoying his sunbeam. :))
    Good you got out to enjoy the weather while you can.

  3. Isn't it funny that Henry can roll around on concrete and look so content. I would ache all over from laying on the concrete. Have a great weekend Lynn.

  4. Gosh, Lynn, it still looks so pretty out there. Everything has gone naked and gray here. Thanks for sharing some warmth and color.

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  6. Lynn, I believe those little wisps of clouds are called "mares tails." Seems about right!

    My only outside cat in CA loved the warm cement! Cats are natural sunseekers anyway...unless you're having your 102 degree summer weather in Vacaville!

    it's always so nice to see henry V ;)

  7. I love that darker photo sky - how lovely.
    Sorry that my drawing made you sad...but to make up for it, I'll be posting some happier ones soon!

  8. Hey Lynn! I so wish you were gonna be there too. I will you Judy a hug from you. :)I couldn't pass up the chance to learn more from her, she's amazing. I'm loving your beautiful pictures and your kitties are so cute!
    Happy Weekend to you!

  9. How nice to catch up on your blog. Your grandchildren are growing so big. They a just beautiful. I loved your tour around the art gallery. You are so lucky to be in a gallery so supportive of fiber arts.


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