Thursday, November 18, 2010

Body Parts and Another Riotious Night With Donna!

Sam, The Fearless Threader, a member of our ARTSHINE TRAVELING BOOK blog, asked that the pages in her book have a human form theme. I played with the idea, thought of trying to draw a nude. But Sam's page for her own book on this theme was such a good nude that I thought I would do something different. She also wanted textiles to be used if possible. Well, that of course is right up my alley. So I took a piece of felt, covered it with this piece of burlap, then cut out body parts from felt and felted wool and machine sewed them down to the burlap. Then I used embroidery floss to enhance some and circle others. Threw in some X's and French knots, straight and blanket stitches. I used my free motion sewing foot to write words and sentences. The words say: "My heart is full; My body serves me well; I appreciate my eyes; walking; My hands create. and Art by Lynn."
Donna called this evening saying she had another free evening if I wanted her to pop over again. She did and we played more cards and I won! But the best winning was just having my friend to reminisce and laugh with again. We are thinking we still have some traveling desires in us and know we are great travel companions! So we shall see. In the meantime I am looking forward to her making it down with her dad and son for Thanksgiving day after!
I am so grateful for my friends
old and new
all of you here as well!


  1. I had fun trying to figure out all the body parts. Took me a few minutes to get the chicken foot aka nose! love it all, very Lynn

  2. The page for the art book is great. Happy that your friend is gifting you with her presence. I know this must fill your heart.

  3. your fabric page is beautiful ! I am sure it is a beautiful addition to the book.
    Glad you are having happy play time with your friend !

  4. And Mim, I have always been told my nose looks just like a chicken's foot!!! So glad you were able to figure it out! LOL

  5. Clever way of doing the figure. A great addition to her book. What a bonus getting an unexpected second visit with your friend.

  6. Cori Lynn, they are! LOL Or at least sweets!!!!

  7. Lynn I love this piece! Its like a mandala "in the square." I hope you do more like it!

  8. A very matisse it!!!

    yay to seeing more of your friend ;)

  9. Love it! To me, it looks like a mix of Native American and African.

  10. I've tried three times to leave a message and got 503 error. I can't believe how much posting you have done and how much art you have made, all the while having company and traveling around the country.

    That guitar you showed is AWESOME, and so is the snake. My favorite part about the snake post is Henry peeking through the blinds. Too funny and the LOOK he had on his face.

    Also enjoyed reading about ballet and soccer, fun making boxes, and all the riotous problems Henry has had over the past few days.

    Now here you are entertaining a friend. Do you EVER sleep? BTW, congrats on winning the game!


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