Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Special Guest and Animal Wednesday!

My girlfriend Donna and I go back over 35 years...We once called ourselves a couple of wild and crazy American Chicks!Italic Donna is an attorney now in So.California and she needed to be up my way for a deposition tomorrow. It's been a couple of years since her last visit up here. So I was really excited when she emailed to ask if she could drop by on the 16th after work. The three of us went out to dinner and then came back here to talk, play cards and reminisce about our long gone youthful days.
We play a game called Spite and Malice, such a wicked game for old friends who love each other as we do, but it's fun and we had a lot of laughs.
Our history includes her being my roommate in a shared rental house where I was in charge of killing bugs and she took care of any mice that showed up. We traveled together to places like Ashland, Oregon/Shakespeare Festival (the weekend before my first date with DH); Hawaii before I knew DH, and Israel and Paris, France the same year DH moved in with us both.
Donna told me tonight she will be back up to visit her family for Thanksgiving and just maybe she'll be able to pop in again here the day after when my family will be visiting. I sure hope so. My daughter was ten years old and used to lay on Donna's bed when Donna did her hair in the morning before going to work. Yes, the same daughter who has the six year old twins today! It would be fun if we could all be together again. Last time they saw each other was at my daughter's wedding about nine years ago.
**************** Henry has taken over my art studio this week as found here
laying on top of my fabric stash on my design table.
Okay, I'll let you rest in peace dear cat!
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. it's so lovely to have old friends show up and you looked like you were having a good time.
    As for Henry...well he's lazing around because your aquarium is empty (???)and he has no fish to chase

  2. Yey, for friends! Glad you're mine! ♥

  3. You are blessed with such good long-time friends Lynn. That Harry knows where the action is. HAW.

  4. Long-time friends are so rare these lovely!!! The two of you looke like you are having fun.....I hope she can make it over for Thanksgiving.

    As for that Henry....he is the "King of Comfort"!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. It is wonderful to see old friends, glad you had a great time.
    I love that Henry so, look at that face! xoxo

  6. Mim, that empty aquarium is a whole story unto it's self. I should do a post about it one of these days!

  7. Yay for friends and yummy friendships !

    I am so in love with your Henry. What a guy all curled up there !

    Happy Wednesday !

  8. So priceless to have all these memories together!
    Such a sweet post Lynn. You look so happy seeing each other again! You nearly have the same smile ;)
    Good to see Henry is treated as royalty!!!! He deserves that!


  9. What fun to catch up on old.. oops.. well... long time friends. LOL
    You are just one spiteful and full of malice person arent you.. LOL
    Sounds like a fun game. Never heard of it before knowing you. And Henry looks perfectly contented where he is. Just like a Cat should be when on something we dont want them on. :))

  10. Henry must be getting all your creative vibes and planning some mischief. Your art room is now dual-purposed.


  11. How wonderful your friend could come! I had the experience a few years ago when my friend from Gainesville (where I had lived 10 years)came down for a concert and stayed with us a few days! It was like heaven!

    I love the game Spite and of my patients taught me how to play! Wish I could have been there to join you guys!!!

  12. Sounds like you had such a grand time. Old friends are the best....

  13. You can't beat lifelong friends!

    Henry always seems to find the best kitty places :)

  14. How wonderful to have those life long links and just get back into cards and memories without a pause at all.


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