Sunday, November 14, 2010

"I want a Stuffie, A Snake I can wear around my shoulders" she said!

When my grand kids were here last weekend for their sleep over, I asked them what they wanted this year for Chanukah from me. The first words out of my grandson's mouth were "I want you to make me...." I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to hear those words. That they 1st assume I will make them something, and that they choose that over something I could buy them in a store! My six year old grand daughter asked for a "Stuffie"...a "stuffed snake"! So I went about designing one. She also asked that it be one she could "wear around my neck over my shoulders." Okay! I needed two brown paper grocery bags to make my pattern. I drew it and cut it out and wondered "can I do this?" I went to my fabric stash, thinking flannel. I knew I had gleaned kid patterned flannels over the year and went to find them. Green plaid would have been good for a snake but I decided instead on pink and blue...kitties, cupcakes and sky patterns.
To curve my pattern in fabric I cut it into three parts, head, middle body and tail. And then I set about piecing squares and rectangles of the three fabrics together like a crazy quilt.
I did this for two sides and on the second day of sewing I sewed the two halves together and turned it right-side out...
I now had something to stuff! I left three places, one on each section open and stuffed them with poly-fill cotton stuffing. Henry was outside looking in, not so sure he wanted to meet Ms. Snake!
All stuffed and curled up on the floor she definitely looked grand but needed a few more parts.
She needed a mouth and tongue. So back to scraps and stash for just the right pieces to make this bottom of her mouth...
and tongue. Then I found these perfect heart buttons for her eyes, and added some sewing thread nostrils in turquoise! Wha-la! She is done!
Don't worry she won't bite. She is of the non-poisonous variety and very sweet! Y. will love wearing her around her neck and shoulders! Now off to see if I can make a pattern for my grand son's request, a little harder
than a snake. He wants a stuffed guitar!
Oy vey!
Wish me luck! I'll need it!!!


  1. The snake you made looks like an exotic pet. She will love it. I like the tongue and heart eyes. She will feel the love wrapped around her neck like a loving hug. Good luck on the guitar.

  2. Brava Grandma ! You almost made me want a snake to hang out with too ! She will love it!
    Good luck with the guitar !
    Have a beautiful Sunday !

  3. Oh my goodness...this is adorable...but a guitar next??? That will be a toughy...but a good, fun challenge for you! I think you will be loving it, for sure!

    I tried to go to the Eileen Fisher website to see if they had a model wearing the outfits I saw in the store windeow, and no...of course not. So I will go take a picture of the window front when I go back!!! Hang tight.

  4. This is adorable!!! You are one fun Grandma!!! She is going to love it and so will Grandson when you get that guitar done. Which you will and it will be fabulous too.

  5. Oh girl, you know you can whip up a guitar faster than I can say Freddy Fender. LOL! Hey, that's got to be the prettiest snake I've even seen. Woo-hoo and sisssss...;)

  6. That turned out great! I think you will have no problem with a guitar. You are amazing you know!

  7. You must have so much fun doing these wonderful things. Your snake is adorable. Big Hugs, mary

  8. wow - I love it! what a great present - and GD will adore it. I especially love the mouth and tongue

  9. I think you should win "Grandma of the Year"! That is the cutest snake I have ever seen. Its so "girlie" and sweet. I'm sure I've never said that before about a snake! As for the guitar....if anyone can make a stuffed, cloth guitar, you can! I can't wait to see it!


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