Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Art from "Quilts of a Different Matter" Art Show

Wearable art is fun. And you will enjoy this Frida Khalo piece I've no doubt. beautifully done My grand daughter found this tea ceremony wooden piece of interest as did I. Isn't she cute? Yes, she is!!!! DH walked around this three dimensional piece of great interest. Unfortunately the light was not great to show it off. But I thought you'd like to see everyone I brought with me. There are actually nine squares like this one making up one large quilt of framed glass squares! Fun bracelet and necklace of fabric flowers! I like the frame as well.
Mary Barry made this awesome flowers and bottles fabric quilt. It was used for the post card that advertised the show.
A smaller version of the silk ties quilt shown earlier. I bought some neckties at the thrift store yesterday for $1 each.
I hope to make something using them.
I love the movement in these swirls
of this fabric piece! Nice top stitching.
Nice African prints and shells made this one sing.
I've got more...stay tuned. I want to chronicle them all. Yes, everything in this how is for sale, had to be to enter!


  1. Oh my, I love thos grouping!!!
    You KNOW I covet the Frida Khalo vest. If only I were still tiny, I'd hunt down the artist and buy it. Wait until marianne sees it!

    I wish I could see what DH is looking at. I do love that he enjoys going to these exhibits with you. And yes, your Grand is a cutie!♥

  2. Love the vest. Was it for sale? Loved seeing all the work hanging/sitting in the show. Especially hanging over old fire places in that old house.

  3. All the pieces look wonderful. What a fun show.

  4. Yes, Cris, all the pieces in this show are for sale. That was one of the stipulations for entering.

    Yes, Lolo, I knew you would enjoy the Khalo vest!

    I'll see if I have a photo that shows some of the piece DH is looking at. It was interesting too.

  5. you are lucky to be surrounded by so much isnpiring art

  6. I am thoroughly enjoying your show of the Art show. We rarely have any such thing here. These pieces are great inspiration. A friend of mine makes some of the arty clothes. She is also a milliner. I love seeing these clothes.

  7. very interesting - esp (to me) the tie quilt. all the stuff in the show is wonderful, and you are so lucky to have something so close by that does great shows.

    And of course she is a cutie - what else!


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