Friday, November 12, 2010

"Quilts of A Different Matter" Art Show

I have so many photos from the Lawler House Art Show "Quilts of A Different Matter" that I will be showing them all weekend. They are worth seeing, and you might want to click on them to enlarge and see details. This first woven piece is by Janet Manalo. She is a mixed media artist in our area whose work I admire. Unfortunately I did not get all the names nor do I know all the artists. Perhaps you can read the artist's name if you enlarge the photo. Robin will recognize this one. This fabric quilt, for those of you unfamiliar with the San Fransisco landmarks is Lombard Street known as the crookedest street in the world. The details of this quilt blew my mind.
This cropped view shows some of the texture in the planter areas that begged to be touched. And left me wondering "How did she do that?"
This one reminds me a bit of Terri C.'s Church People paintings.
We were lucky to get in at the tail end of the reception that day and the kids enjoyed the refreshments that they were encouraged to eat. And eat they did!
Ann Jacobs did this beautiful piece.
And here of course is my "Stop Bullying Now" quilt with it's loud statement!
I like the pencil and paint brush on this one...
Mary Berry does these wonderful portraits, this one of "Mother Theresa" is one of her best.
She is the same artist whose Kismet I showed in an earlier post.
The kids found Grandma's "Wired To Quilt" piece! I loved seeing it in the very middle of the room! I feel so honored and proud to be shown with these incredibly talented artists.
But when asked to choose between the two they thought I made the fabric quilt under it. Now they know I do mixed media pieces too! Come back tomorrow to see more art from this show!


  1. Came from kj's great place. Those pieces look absolutely beautiful!


  2. Awesome work Lynn! Yours and everyones

  3. Wow, wonderful work here. I always say to myself "how does she do that?"

  4. Lynn, what an honor--these are so exceptional!!

  5. Indeed you are talented and among the talented in quitlmaker land. i wonder if the first quilt is made of paper? So neat the GK's got to see the show.

  6. These are all so fantastic! I am amazed at the one of Lombard Street. Is that paint and quilting combined? I can't tell from the enlargement. In any case, it is truly a work of art.
    I like the theme of yours. Nice work.

  7. Sone wonderful art here. I love the Winding streets quilt. could you touch it or were you allowed to?
    Your work looked great there too. word veri is mimis.. I am missing Mimis too. A great CA restaurant.

  8. I continue to learn how amazing quilters (that includes YOU, dear Lynn) can be...... just gorgeous - each and every one of them!

    And how lovely it is for your Grandchildren to have an artist for inspiration!

    Hugs from sunny San Francisco! I am working at the de Young on Sunday! I haven't been there in six weeks - so preoccupied with my first love - opera!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Suki, it's either paper or canvas strips and glue or gesso or something like that. Very white, thick/sturdy but as you can see bendable and then it dried in place. This woman does amazing work.

    Katie Jane, I think the color is all in the fabrics but I could be mistaken. Aren't the choices marvelous? Even brighter in person.

    Silver, welcome to my blog, I sure hope you come again.

    Thanks everyone for your kinds words. Tomorrow's post will show even more of the art from this show.

  10. hi lynn, thanks for your words to live are so right and this is some quilt show...i too was trying to figure out how that lombard quilt was done. xx

  11. One great big WOW from me!!
    Amazing work, all of it!

  12. Loved seeing your work on display! How wonderful to share art with your grandkids too. :)

  13. I can see how these peices delighted your soul, Lynn! I was walking in the mall tonight with my daughter and grands and thought of you immediately when we passed a designers clothing store called Eileen Fischer...the outfits in the window conjured up an image of you as fast as a heartbeat! I am going to have to go to her website and see if I can find the outfits that made me think of you and let you know. It would be fun to see if you like them the way I think you would! Weird, eh???

  14. Oh, what a nice gallery tour you took us on...almost like being there and no tempation to touch this way, lol


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