Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday was Ballet Class with Guests (us) and Soccer

Our ballerina is second from right! flying across the room....................................
so sweet getting to watch this session............
Far right my precious grand daughter!
And then there was soccer......................Dear Grand son scored three goals this day...that's him on the left.
and in the center with hand on head...
feels good to score!
We also made it to the art gallery and saw grandma's art on two walls including the "Stop Bullying Now quilt. We talked about "bullying", they knew it meant being mean, saying mean things to someone, and both agreed they'd never do this. It is wrong. Then to our house to rest a while before going out for Pizza for dinner. Home to sleep. Stay tuned for the second day and all the art we made.
They also got a look at my self published blog books. They loved seeing themselves when "we were young"...and the quilts I had made them etc. So interested. So sweet to share with them.


  1. Love the photos. The kids looked like they were having a fun time. Wish I had taken ballet when I was young. Its cool that both kids went to each others classes. Do they usually? Glad you had a great time too.

  2. Delightful! I didn't know that little girls still did ballet with white tights and black leotards - how lovely is that. and fun to be at the soccer game!

  3. Love seeing the ballet and soccer events. yr grandkids are the best. fun that they like your blog books. great idea that.

  4. I know you thoroughly enjoyed your time with these precious Grands. Both were in their element.

  5. Beautiful kids Lynn and wonderful memories for later!

  6. What a fun, busy day! And what wonderful memories you are making!


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