Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday A Day of Art Creativity Sewing Painting ETC. ETC. ETC.

My grandson taught us a painting technique using oil pastels and watercolors... I had found a pattern in Cloth Paper Scissors and we set about making these cute boxes Grandson did all the sewing on his box here, including cross sewing to have a quilted look to it. all I did was cut out the original patterns and put in the brads...
I wondered if they were old enough to learn to sew on my machine!
They were! They became familiar with the presser foot and how to go slow and more quickly,
keeping their hands out of the needles' path, but still able to guide their fabric/paper making
a straight line. They learned about bobbins, thread the needle, and even cleaned the area with a pipe cleaner.
They picked out their own fabrics.
Then they took ribbon and a large eyed needle and laced up the sides of the boxes
with them.
This photo out of sequence but shows how she is cutting her fabric close to the paper bag
Both are careful with scissors and did a perfect job.
Their mother told me they should go on a "rain walk" and packed their rain coats for this event.
The rain cooperated and we went out in it for a wet walk to the park.
They are faking coming home in the cold. GD loves all the dolls I have collected and saved for her. She finds them each visit
and enjoys dressing them, talking to them and including her favorite from home monkey
"Mono" in the group play.
Grandson loves this farm set now put away. I laid out an early quilt of mine thinking it would protect the floor, but also looked like an aerial view of farmland. They agreed
claiming the blue parts for water.
We also read stories, had plenty of cuddle time, G-son had music time with grandpa on the guitar, and both played the zither with sheet music that fits under the wires and they strum accordingly recognizing many songs.
For lunch we dined on peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches on Jewish Rye bread
talking Hebrew, they knowing more and more words now and open to learning
even more.
It is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun!


  1. I want to come over with them next time!!

  2. what a lovely time. Can you still speak Hebrew? if yes, what a treat that you can all talk together and support their knowledge of a second language.
    lovely day

  3. You are certainly blessed with these lovely Grands. They are blessed to have a grandma and grandpa that can bring so much love and learning to their lives. You are making such wonderful memories for them.

  4. This is so awesome ! I makes me think of my own grandmother and the sweet, sweet perfect times we spent together as I grew up. So happy for you, Lynn and for those lucky kiddos!

  5. What an awesome time!!! You're giving these lucky little ones wonderful memories, Grammy!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. It makes my heart glad to see you teaching the kids.. both.. to sew on the machine. What lovely learning memories. I love how they both picked their own materials for the boxes but they picked almost matching stuff. Twins all the way. What a lovely weekend you all had.

  7. Mim, yes, I still remember Hebrew language from when I lived in Israel (1961-1966) and worked in the kindergarden there, so I speak at a 5 yr olds level. Soon my grandkids will be speaking way beyond and will be teaching ME more than I know now.

    I appreciate all your responses to my making good memories for these kids. They are so receptive and such joys to be around. They love coming here or me to them, and they always want to know what art project I have for them to do.

    When I inquired as to what they wanted for Chaunkah this year from me, my grand son said he wanted me to "make me stuffed guitar, and knit me a scarf!" My grand daugter asked me to make her a stuffed snake. These are called "stuffies" now. And both just assume their gifts from me will be made not bought! Don't you just love it!

  8. Congrats to your beloved and talebted grandchildren Lynn!

    Such memorable time with creative creating! They made your day...Ha..Ha..

  9. What a blessing it is for both you and your grandchildren to have each other. I had a wonderful grandmother whom I learned much from and to this day I smile when I think of all the fun stuff we did together. You are creating lasting memories for your grandchildren. Oh, and btw, are you sure YOU'RE not your grand daughter's twin?!!!


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