Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Henry Finds it Difficult to Co Exist; A Hint of New Small Quilt, and An Unbelievable Flower Surprise!

This past weekend turned out to be most stressful for ole Henry V. He was not nearly as pleased as we were to have our grand kids visiting us. He does not seem to warm up to them much. They are gentle kids and have a cat of their own offering no threat of any kind, but it took him two whole days to figure that out. This was a huge step as he huddled up inside the house, near the front door on top of dads rain jacket, dad's shoe and dad's book bag! They are gone now Henry you can come into the room and wish everyone a Happy Animal Wednesday! This is a hint of a small quilt I made on my Monday day-off. I can't post the whole thing until December 31st. But I can tell you these women are both my maternal grandmother. Beautiful?
And this beauty came as a huge surprise on a succulent plant my cousin Judy gave me long time ago. It looks like brown paper, but is soft and strong and been sitting in the dirt under the mother plant (those green spiky things) over a week now. Does anyone know the name of this plant?
She is for Happy Bloom'in Tuesday!
I asked my grand kids what they wanted for Chanukah this year
and without blinking an eye my grand son told me what he wanted
me to make him. So I have to go look up some patterns
and dig out some yarn! Grandma has work to do.
I was so tickled to know they want and expect me to make them their gifts!


  1. Can't wait to see the completed quilt Lynn. The family photographs are beautiful!

  2. you are giving those kids such a good foundation! how wonderful that they ask for hand made presents instead of the newest electronic gadget. Imagine Henry's misery if they came over with shrieking electronic toys!

    HAW and love the glimpse of quilt

  3. Sorry to drop by late here Lynn, that's a lot cool and meaningful happening here and then.

    Wish that we can do quilting together...if only I stay near by, you are such a good peer!

    Keep up your love in quilting, I will be back to check for more!

  4. Happy Wednesday Lynn. Henry is King - and don't you forget it! Just wanted to tell you JoAnn's is having a $1 Simplicity Pattern sale. ALL Simplicity Patterns are $1 if you can believe it. I bought 10. One of which is a Raggady Ann and Andy pattern for both dolls in three sizes. I'm not a huge Raggady fan - but it's nice having the body pattern and the clothes patterns. I've never made a doll before and want to make one of Sabrina for Christmas (she's almost 16). Enjoy this beautiful autumn weather "Grandma!"

  5. Poor Henry, their visit will only make him enjoy your quietude more. That flower is gorgeous. I have never seen such a bloom. Your Grands know you well and love you. Happy bloomin animal Wednesday.

  6. ah Henry, life is full of its little upsets. poor dear.

    interesting plant. no idea what it is. but very pretty. are the green spiky things and aloe plant??

  7. Poor Henry. We have Nikki thats just like that.. No one knows we have two cats as she always hides. Love the quilt pix and I have no clue what that lovely plant is, some should know tho. Is it actually attached to that other plant?

  8. I'll bet Jukie will know the name of the plant!

    I'm having family over (for the first time) on Sunday but I'm thinking of cancelling because of the cat!! She's fragile still after her recent hospitaization and I don't want any stress in her life. The house we rent is huge though, so I think I'll make her cozy in my bedroom with all the box, comfy kitty bed, food. Unfortunately the yappy dog will share the same room so she doesn't bite anyone's feet!

    I love the glimpse of the quilt. I'm intriged.

    And how sweet of your Grandson's request. I'm not surprised!♥

  9. Oh Henry, look at that cranky face.
    I love him so. That quilt looks like it will be wonderful, yes, beautiful! xoxo

  10. "Poor" King Henry! I am sure he remembers the remodel this Summer too....and just feels "it's all too much".... now that quiet has returned, he can reclaim his "Kingdom". (I do love the expression on his's pretty eloquent...)

    This new quilt is already beautiful.... what a fantastic idea! Lynn, you are on to something wonderful!

    Love that flower... but no idea of what it is.... I know someone "out there" will!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. Poor old Henry ! I love him...he is so like my Azzy.
    The photos are awesome. The quilt is sure to be another miracle by Lynn !
    Love that your grandkids want grandma made gifties. So sweet !
    Happy Wednesday !

  12. Beautiful pictures!!!
    Always good to see Henry!
    Cats and little children ......well somehow I understand they don't match...... Even though the kids are OK.
    Well this is a step......


  13. Hi Lynn! Sorry it has taken me a while to stop by. Your flowering Stapeliad is gorgeous! The old name for it is Stapeliad variegata, and the new name is Orbea variegata, You can see a lot of neat pics of the different varieties HERE! They are some of the coolest plants on earth! Your bloom is just spectacular! Congratulations!

  14. the quilt looks amazing - just the snippet we get to see ..... and the flower is positively otherworldly

  15. Most kitties abhor change and the happiest cat at home can turn into a tiger at the vets. Henry is wise to hunker down, out of the way until he gets his house back, hahameow.

    Love the flower, and even dried up, it was so interestin!


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