Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blended Family, Blended World on the Forth Night of Chanukah

Tonight was the Forth Night of Chanukah. DH and I did our ritual candle lighting and blessing over the candles. I love that he celebrates this holiday with me. His sister Karen sent me a little package today with a bag of chocolate gelt (coins) for Chanukah! Thank you Karen.
Earlier in the day I started a project of making 32 Christmas cards for my clients. I hope they like funky fabric/paper art work...I got out the grocery bags and started cutting them up...
Then I found some brightly colored fabrics for the season in my stash out in the garage and brought it in.
And sewing a little here and a little there I made six of the 32 cards...Only 26 to go!!!!!!!!! It's fun for me to get a little Christmas in too, even though it's not MY holiday! I can't help but get caught up in the spirit of it all.
Remind me tomorrow to show you the 4 hats I crocheted today for members of my family!
What can I say? Been a busy day! Are you getting ready for some celebrations of any sort at your house? Are you making art? Tell all!


  1. Wow, those cards look beautiful. I have been making embroidered ornaments for a holiday swap. I'm almost done. Happy Chanukah Wishes to you!

  2. Lovely, lovely cards...
    I'm knitting presents for you-know-who!! Can't wait to spend Christmas with her and her parents and of course, my son and his partner!
    Take care

  3. Usually I have the kids over and we do latkes, candles etc. But this year it has been low key so we're not really celebrating - too much other stress etc. But it is lovely that you can celebrate with family.

    I too get into the cards and presents. What the heck! Others celebrate, I just join in the fun.

  4. Beautiful cards! I am glad that you are having a grand Holiday. xoxo

  5. Those cards are awesome - I'm sure they will be truly appreciated. A card from the heart is so much better than pre-printed corporate cards you could have purchased.

  6. I agree....handmade cards are so much more meaningful than store bought run-of-the-mill cards. Yours are beautiful!
    Your DH must be very special and thoughtful to not only celebrate with you but learn the Hebrew blessing "perfectly".
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. Hope to see those cards soon. I am having fun making cards too.

  8. The cards you are making are very nice. I am sure your clients will enjoy them. We celebrated my DB's birthday all weekend. A good time was had by all.


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