Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fifth Night of Chanukah...more hats, more cards

You can see DH grading papers in the middle photo of the collage. He came up for air to say the blessing over the candles with me on this 5th night of Chanukah!
This mix of purple and red yarn will be a hat accomplice this evening for my youngest grand daughter. Here are the four hats I have finished this weekend so far... Greens for my youngest grandson, his dad, and my brother; and the red and green for my daughter.
Our Chanukah party won't be until sometime in January (when they can fit us into their busy social calendar!) but party we will when the time comes!!!!
I also continue to sew fabric to cut up grocery bags
for home made Christmas cards for my clients at work.
at this writing I have twenty five done, but plan to sew some more today. Only seven to go.
But then I have to print something for the inside, glue it down, stuff them in envelopes and address and stamp and mail them all. Glad I have the day off tomorrow too! The red fabric is flannel, the green cotton and the tree is felt. The gold is shiny, silky fancy fabric that really sings. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&
Be sure to visit Cory's blog to see how cleverly she has used her art in a series of video's about Chanukah!!! She tells the history of the holiday as well so it's quite educational.


  1. You sure are cranking those hats and cards out this weekend. Everything is looking great. Its so nice to do something personal for others like this.

  2. Brilliant! I love all the festivities. I would celebrate with you too if I was there...
    The cards are excellent too... I thought about fabric cards, but have kept it super simple as I always tend to stress myself out...

  3. Your banner with the collage of your art are Wonderful !!!!

  4. love your new banner and the collage of candles is beautiful. you are so good: all those home made cards for your many clients!!! zikes. have fun.

  5. Those hats are cute. Your muse is working overtime. I could use a dose of your muse.

  6. love it all - and Cory's blog is inspiring!

  7. Holy cow you have been busy. Do you ever sleep? It would take me forever to make those cards, much less FOUR hats. I'm a slow crafter, and I would love to come get lessons from you some day.

    BTW, I love your new blog banner. It's perfect for the season, too. Happy sixth night of Chanukah tonight.

  8. It is fun but also a lot of work......
    Love those X mas cards. I am also busy with all the preps and besides it is a lot of work I want to be sure to enjoy what I am doing ;)
    Off to Cory now......

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy your time off ♥

  9. Wonderful!!!!! It's all gorgeous! I adore the hats! And I love your sharing all of the nights with us!

    Yes, we WILL meet that day! Let's e-mail and coordinate times etc!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. lynn, it has been so inspiring seeing your holiday celebrations, the candles, everything is beautiful. thank you for sharing with your blog readers and thank you for your kind comment recently on my post. xox


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