Monday, December 6, 2010

Hats, Cards, Candles on the Sixth Night of Chanukah

I have been a crocheting machine you see me modeling a few of the nine hats I have made for my kids, their spouses, my brother, grand kids, and nephew!
I love it that all the yarn has been found in my stash
and much of it from thrifting!
(I photographed myself in the bathroom mirror!) Six and 3/4th of then nine hats done 3 and 3/4ths today! And the cards got finished today too and the envelopes got stuffed, sealed, stamped and addressed, all 37 of them!!!
Tomorrow I return to work in my office
I need the rest.
And then we celebrated Night Six of
Chanukah! Two to go....Happy Holidays!!!
And thank you for all your warm wishes to me!


  1. Cute pix of you wearing your hats you made. What a lot of work. All those cards and all that crocheting. You DO need to go to to work for a rest.. Geesh. LOL

  2. ARE YOU ON SPEED??????? You are makin me crazy, Lynn! Good grief...all this wild work, and during a holiday at that! Whew...I am tired after reading this post...but you look so cute in all those hats!!! Congrats!

  3. I always wonder how many hours your day has ;)
    Nice pictures of you!

    and those 2 comments of chris and Julie are too funny!
    You see I am not the only one wondering.........

    Have a nice week♥

  4. Crocheting is so relaxing though--this was my therapy for years, until I found the mixed media. I love the selection of yarns out now--I might have to pick up that crochet hook again!

  5. Wow.. those cards are soooo pretty Lynn! And you take such lovely pics of your work! Once Hanukkah is over, I'm on a mad dash to finish all my crochet projects myself!

  6. Your family will have warm heads, your clients will feel special and your readers are inspired to get busy. Keep lighting those candles.

  7. I love crocheted items but cannot do it myself. I agree w/the others. you are a speedy woman. glad you can get back to work to rest. LOL

  8. You are such a fashion guru. Seriously, you could have a successful sore—or chain of stores.

  9. After all that activity you can now sit back and enjoy Chanukah!

    Tha hats look great!

  10. OMG,,,you are a creation machine!

    LOVE the bright wonderful lights of the season. I use lots candles,,,but your Menorah (s)
    are just so special!

    Awesome hats,,,I'll have a green one,please and thank you!
    (and yes, you look terrific modeling them.
    Happy Chanukah Lynn!

  11. Happy Chanukah, Lynn! I love your new blog banner.

  12. Cris, I did come to work and I am getting the rest what with two cancellations! And one mistaken appt. on my part and a no show. LOL
    I could be home crocheting!!!!

    Julie, No not speed! I just have a lot of energy to burn naturally. Seemed to come on full bore post menapause! A good thing. And when I exercise, which I have been doing lately pretty regularly it increases more.

    Glad you all like the hats and me in them! it's so much fun! Hope the recipricants send photos of them wearing same.

  13. I think you have one of those "turn back the time" machines and that you really have 48 hours in your day! love the hats and the cards. I'm sticking with good old fashioned store bought cards this year!!


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