Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seventh Night of Chanukah, One More Hat; Henry Sends His Greetings,

The seventh night of Chanukah falls on December 7th this year, which also happens to be my daughters' Birthday! Forty Two years ago today...yep! Labor of love! I wanted a daughter (second child/first child was our son) and I was so happy when I learned at the birth that it was a she! We called to sing her happy birthday tonight and had the added delight of having the phone answered by our grand daughter (age six)...sweet, sweet day!
Happy Seventh Night of Chanukah!!!!!!! So I finished yet another hat! I like this one so much (for older grand daughter)
that I am rushing back to see if there is enough of the three yarns left to make another like it for myself. Then I do believe I will have hatted everyone.
Unless one of you wants one too that is.
I made the scarf in the photo last year. Found a bunch of them so will be
folding them inside the hats for an extra little gift!
click on photos to see more detail, like every stitch!!!
Lest we forget it is Animal Wednesday tomorrow
Henry V
sends his greeting to one and all for a very
happy holiday season
this one is cute enlarged too, give it a click to see more!
What'cha up to?


  1. Henry made the perfect Holiday card!!!♥

  2. I'm glad to see that Henry celebrates the season....where's his hat????

    HAW Henry and to your housemake - "crazy-crochet-lady"

  3. was henry a tad reluctant to model? He has a sort of oh gosh not again look on his face. very sweet card.

    there is a wonderful children's book about hats which title slips my mind right now. the hats are berets and the main character travels from town to town carrying all these hats for sale.

    I guess you will never forget your daughter's b-day, not that a mom would anyway.

  4. all of your colourful hats! I, too was wondering - where is Henry's Hat? But, looking at his expression, I guessed he had already done enough "modeling" for the day!
    What a "rough" life he has! Ha-ha!

    I love your sharing your Chanukah nights with us.....

    Love and a big kiss to Henry!

    Happy Animal Wednesday! Happy Eighth Night of Chanukah!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Henry is a star!! But we all knew that.

    Happy everything!

  6. I think I like that hat on you the best. Love all those colors. Henry is sooo cute!!!

  7. Mim, keep only if he'll pose!

    Was that book called Hats for Sale Suki?
    Funny thing about DD's birthday and Chanukah. The Jewish calendar is different from our secular calendar. Moon/Sun or something like that difference. So Chanukah is a different DATE of the month every year. It moves, as my DD's birthday does not. So it's an anomomoly that it happens to fall
    7th night on her Dec 7th BD this year!

    I wore my new hat out in the rain today! Love it!!!

  8. I can't believe how busy you have been creating lately, amazing!

  9. I love your hats! And Henry is adorable! Thank you for sharing Chanukah with us.

  10. I just wanted to wish you a happy Chanukah .... I love the hat .... I would definitely be making more of those!!

  11. Love your photos Lynn! I found your posts about Chanukah very interesting!

  12. Henry picked the warmest fabric to curl up on. HAW.

  13. How did I miss this one! My sweet Henry! Darling.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  14. Looks like you are having a great time with these hats. And speaking of...great banner!


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