Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eighth and Final Night of Chanukah, Chanukah Collection and Annie Coe's Heart

Okay, you are saying finally, or sof col sof in Hebrew, finally the last night of Chanukah!
See DH and me lighting the Shamas, the middle candle used to light all the others. And then DH starting a small bonfire under the menorah (candle holder) not
a normal part of the celebrations You can almost hear us reciting the Barucha, the blessing, over the eight candles that represent eight days found oil lasted in the ancient temple that was expected to last only one night. This is called Nes Gadol. A big miracle! And you'd think this is it, it's over after tonight...but not quite. Remember those gifts I made for my little grandchildren? That big pink snake and that stuffed buffalo guitar? Well, they are still in my closet waiting to be given to them on CHANUKAH! However, their schedule of activities for December Calendar was SO FULL that we are having to put off that family celebration until sometime next year... hopefully EARLY next year, like in January. But I am still waiting for a date to be offered up. So you may see candles lit one more time when ever that occurs! Just so you know. I love bringing out my collection of Judaica much of which belongs in the Chanukah Holiday. Like these glass draydels, tops that spin, for playing a specific Chanukah game. I also have a box of wooden and plastic draydels somewhere needed to be found before the kids come next. This gold menorah I acquired recently when my cousins were cleaning out my aunt and uncles home for them to move into assisted care. They gave me this smaller of their several memorahs to add to my collection. I'm not sure when I acquired these two. The ceramic one in the back and the metal one in front hold birthday sized candles.
I think I got the back menorah on a trip cross country one year so we could light it in
our motel room. And the one in front I found at a thrift store.
My girlfriend Patty gifted me with the other items shown here.
This plate and the draydels, the spreader knives, the salt and pepper draydel set, and the candy dish are all from Patty. That silver cup is my Kiddush cup from my Bat Mitzvah at age 12.
My daughter used it at her Bat Mitzvah and at her wedding.
I love this music box, also a gift from Patty, and my grand kids love it too.
When you wind the draydel on top it plays
the draydel song! Which they know and sing along to.
And that is that about Chanukah
until our family party!
The next piece is a gift from Annie Coe, one of her wonderful ceramic hearts she gave me
when I purchased another heart for a gift to my older grand daughter from Annie's ETSY store. I like how the red leather neck string formed a heart shape on my counter top.
And the words: "Love Your Life" epitomize how I feel and try to live
each and every day.
Thank you Annie.
And do visit Annie's ETSY and make your own wonderful purchases.
They are so nice and very reasonably priced.
Perfect for Grateful Thursday, don't you think?


  1. You bet it is perfect. Happy Chanukah. Your collection of Chanukah items is quite nice. It is also nice that you have your cup from your bat mitzvah. What a precious cup full of fond memories even for your daughter.

  2. wonderful collection of Chanukah items that I know will be passed on to your children some day. thank you for sharing this, and for giving us a bit of history too. happy last night, sukide

  3. What a lovely "journal" of your eight days! You captured it so well....I felt the light and the love.

    I love your beautiful collection....all of the Menorahs and Dreidels are really gorgeous!

    I wish you and all your family a Happy and Blessed Chanukah!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. This will make a nice journal for your Grand kids when you get this years blog published.

  5. Lynn, I love all your Chanukah items and I love the lighting of the candles, don't stop! :-). Thank you too for the shout out, you are so dear. You won the auction, so I will be packing up the painting in the next few days and will send it by Monday or Tuesday. I would email Kj and ask her how she wants the money sent.Thank you sweetie for being so supportive.

  6. wow - you have such lovely menorahs - with wonderful memories. enjoy giving the gifts to the kids...we want to see GS's reaction to that guitar!

  7. Happy Chanukah! Love your collection of Menorahs! The galss dreidels are beautiful! I know the grandkids will love it that the holiday is stretched out...we always did as kids! Can't wait to see what you made them...the finished products! That necklace you bought is so perfect! I went to her Etsy shop...I really like what the one you bought says on it...something to think about!!!

  8. Beautiful photos of the candles. And I had to laugh at the Cahnukah bonfire -- maybe a new annual ritual?


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