Saturday, December 11, 2010

Patty And Lynnie's Christmas/Chanukah Brunch!!!!

Every year, for a long time now, My best friend from childhood, Patty and I, have celebrated our two holidays together, Christmas (hers) and Chanukah (mine)...And by celebrating I mean simply getting into the most materialistic form of the holidays with food and gifts! It's a fun way to wrap up the year and enjoy our friendship together. This year she came to my house and I made fresh spinach, grilled onions, & cheese omelets; toast and orange marmalade, and we drank hot apple cider.
Also on the table are other gifts received in the past from Patty: the Lenox Happy Chanukah music box and the ceramic menorah. As well as the little butter spreader with the ceramic stars of David as it's handle.and later (after opening our gifts) we had these wonderful raspberry almond tarts from our favorite bakery here in town. Here you see them laid out on a Chanukah platter that Patty gave me in one of our celebrations in years past. And we drank apple cinnamon tea! After eating we moved on to the fun part of opening gifts! Patty loved the "Annie Coe" necklace I bought her from Annie's ETSY. She also loved the card Annie made that came with the pendant. She seemed to really like this little plate I found of Christmas Memories
Here she is opening one of the fabric/paper boxes I made
to hold a snow globe for her collection. This one is of an old fashioned
dressed family singing Christmas Carols.
It's also a music box so it plays Christmas music too.
Patty is always my biggest fan of my art! She has a whole wall in her home devoted to it.
So this year I gave her the framed encaustic piece I made especially for her
in Judy Wise's workshop at Art and Soul in October this year. Needless to say she loves it!!!
And this snow globe, music box is a humorous one of two little pigs sitting at an ice cream parlor
pigging out on ice cream, something Patty and I love to do together!
The joke was not lost on her at all.
And wait till you see what she gave me that compliments this gift!
Patty always wraps her gifts to me in pretty Chanukah papers and ribbons!
So thoughtful.
Thank you Patty for your thoughtfulness and generosity!
I had found a little book at the thrift store (brand new) of classic Christmas stories,
which was one of her gifts from me. And Patty gave me this adorable little book of
Chanukah stories, facts, and recipes. So sweet!
As was the bag of chocolate coins that were attached to the book!!!
Patty gave me and DH a Harry and David's box of assorted Christmas cookies;
and I gave her husband a box of his favorite oatmeal cookies!
See the gift card that says FENTONS! That's to our awesome local ice cream parlor
and the amount floored me. But Patty said we were going to have a very busy
summer there this coming year. Well, we'll be celebrating both our seventieth birthdays
so I guess we will need the card for that!!!!
Patty also gave me subscriptions to TWO of my favorite Stampington Magazines:
Somerset SEW and Somerset Workshop!!!
a gift card to Joanne's for my sewing needs for the coming year!
And if that wasn't all more than enough
she also gave me this absolutely beautiful sterling silver friendship bracelet
that in engraved with the words:
"Friends" "Forever" "Today" Tomorrow" "Always"
It's very narrow and delicate
and I feel very beautifully dressed and blessed
wearing it!
Thanks again Patty
for our life time
and all you add to my life
I love & appreciate you so much. xoxo


  1. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful friendship! I love that you both honor and respect your different faiths. I would never have guessed you were turning 70, you're lookin good sister:)
    Big hugs to you,

  2. lovely to share your wonderful celebration with Patty. How blessed you both are to have such a strong and lasting friendship. It brought tears to my eyes. Blessings, Suki

  3. I had to go back and read that one sentence again..."SEVENTY"! Can't believe that Lynn. You ladies are mightly blessed to have one another and to know what each likes.

  4. What fun to get together like this.. Some wonderful gifts were given to each other. I love that Art piece you gave her.. I think it fits her. But.. about that Ice Cream... lol

  5. Oh I forgot to mention your new header.. Cute Cute Cute. Hat is perfect for you peeking over the banners edge. I Love the pile of them too. :))

  6. Friends are the love we give ourself. The pictures say it all.
    I love your header cute!!!
    Question, are you selling any of the stocking caps??????
    Merry christmas, Mary

  7. How wonderful. The best. Love the gifts...this is what life is all!

  8. Wow, what an awesome day the two of you had, and those gifts are out of this world. It's nice that each of you celebrate by incorporating your own faiths.

    I just discovered Sew Somerset and got a bunch of back issues. I love the magazine and I know exactly why you love it so much.

    Here's to 70 more years of friendship and respect!

  9. I forgot to mention I want the recipe for that fresh spinach omelet. I have been buying more fresh spinach lately, but only use it in salads.

  10. What a beautiful lovely day with 2 people whose friendship is their best gift to each other.
    And good for you for turning 70--age really is a number!
    I wish you very happy Holidays.

  11. Mary (shopgirl); if you would like a hat let me know and we can talk. I would be happy to make one or more for you.

    Elizabeth (bluebeard); the omlet is simple. I simply satueed half a chopped onion in spray on olive oil. Whisked the eggs (with a fork) and a little non fat milk in a bowl (4 eggs for two of us); moved the browned onions to the side of the iron skillet...poured in the egg mixture, moved the onions into the eggs; added cubed sharp cheddar cheese; then laid baby spinich leaves on top (about half a container)and covered with a pot lid. Low heat (I almost always burn some of the bottom) be careful. lift the lid to put spatual under the sides and let the raw egg spill over to the bottom; then fold over when almost done.Flip to other side. If it falls apart it's still good just won't look perfect. ;-) Enjoy.

  12. PS Thanks for ALL of your comments. Please know I still am six months away from turning 70! Patty is six months older than I am! Her BD is the very end of this month. But mine NOT YET. So let's not rush it!!! Thanks. LOL

  13. The best of both worlds. This looks like a lot of fun!!

  14. Beautiful, the entire post as well as your friendship. Thank you for a most inspiring post. xoxoxoxo

  15. Oh Lynn, it's so clear how much you two truly love one another!

    What a wonderful friendship. I'd like to see someone try to buy that and wrap it up!

    Blessings to you both. And I'll look forward to the ice cream shop photos all summer!!

  16. I've just read back through several posts to catch up on what's going on in your life. I love your Menorah collection, they are beautiful. Your friend Patty sounds so perfect (and she even has the perfect name; same as mine!) - how wonderful to have such a good friend.

  17. I love the colors in the one you have on in the header. How much would you charge for one...then I will know if I can aford more.
    They look like fun!!! Hugs, Mary

  18. nothing like a lifelong friendship and the two of you seem to have mastered the skill - old coots that you are :)

  19. Lynn, so special to have a friend for life! Lovely gifts on both sides, your encaustic and the ice cream are my favs, thank you for another shout out, I am glad patty liked the pendant! Hugs and kisses!

  20. Always so good to see you and Patty together!
    Friendships like these are priceless!
    Lovely gifts exchanged :)

    Have a nice week dear♥


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