Monday, December 13, 2010

Thrift Store Finds!

Thrift Store Finds on MondayIsn't it wild? The flowers appear to be painted on! Sparkly glitter surrounds them.
Very artsy...tulle at the bottom.
She will LOVE IT! Handsome sweater for handsome grandson! Soft, cool colors. Barely worn. Hope he likes it.
One of these ties (all of which I paid $1 each) has a price tag on it at $48.00!!!!
Simply amazing!!!! Can't you just see something arty and quilty coming from these beautiful designs and fabrics? I am so looking forward to my two weeks off from work starting this Friday!
I will have plenty of time to create to my hearts content.
Notice the "arts" in "hearts"!
It's been a few days since I posted anything here. Early Friday morning I took my car into the shop to get a big noise fixed. Friday was also a big day with Patty. Saturday was a run around town day with DH. Sunday was rent a car day because my car came back from the mechanics with a worse noise than it had when I took it in on Friday morning?! By Monday things have calmed down considerably. The car WAS fixed at it's first visit, but believe it or not on it's way home it either acquired a rock from the road or dropped a rock previously acquired which dropped down into something causing the ruckus that caused me to send it back to the shop! Rock was found and removed at no extra cost and now rental car is returned and hopefully my life returned to normal. How dependant we are on our cars!!!!
Have you had to stand in long lines at the post office recently? The lines here are humongous.
As in out the door long. So I came home with letters in hand and looked up the
US POST OFFICE on line. I purchased the stamps I wanted and paid by Credit Card. It says I will get them in 1-2 days. Cost to me? $1. So worth it.
I may try this for packages next, as they come to your house to pick them up!


  1. You got some great finds today. that one book is a recent best seller.. Eat pray love... and you got it free. Cute clothes for the kids too. Yes the Post office lines are long because tomorrow is the last day to mail something to get them to their destination on time. It will simmer down soon.

  2. OMG! You came away with some steals! Can't believe you got Eat Pray Love for free but you did!!! Very cool ties and I love that dress. Too cute. Great sweater too.

  3. I think my daughter paid 15 dollars for Eat,Pray,Love. You did reall good. It is so much fun to find really nice things without to many dollars.
    Speaking of dollars. I will take the stocking cap you are wearing for 10.00 plus shipping. Tell me how I can send you money. I thank you for this Lynn, my daughter Jenny will love it. Here Birthday is in Jan. Merry Christmas Dear friend, Hugs, Mary

  4. Mary, sweet that you want that hat. Send me your email address and I'll send you my street address. Thanks for the purchase!

  5. It is that busy time fo year. Great finds at the thrift store.

  6. Lynn, YOU are the person to go thrift shop bopping with!!!
    I haven't found any thrift shops here and I haven't been to any yard sales (of which there were a million of this summer.) Next year for sure.

    Great finds!!! Wooo-hoooo!

  7. fun hat, Lynn !
    You have gotten some great deals. Love a recycled Christmas!
    Brava on the stamps too - saving time as well as $$$.
    Have a cozy evening !


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