Friday, December 31, 2010

Mendocino Memories Wrap up 2010

As this year screeches to an end I want to fit the rest of my photos from our "vacation get away to the coast" into my 2010 blog so they will be preserved in my blog book for the year! I recommend clicking on the collages to see the photos large and clear.
It's just typical Mendocino...walking on our favorite streets past our favorite haunts...
a balance of majestic nature and a quaint town
finding art at every turn
in awe of how big everything grows there
Seeing a friendly albatross in Point Arena was an unexpected surprise, however he had gotten written up in the local paper.
and the discovery of the Gualala Art Gallery where we took in this show...
and inquired about putting art in their February show
memories and being silly
and laughing so hard
we cried
and our ribs ached
I hope I never come down to earth!
Looking forward to 2011!
And bringing you all along with me!!
The only photo missing is one me sitting in my recliner
reading a good book
with Henry 5th on my chest
and sometimes falling asleep
my dear husband
sitting in his chair next to mine
singing his heart out
playing his guitar. Sweet end to two thousand and ten


  1. What a lovely trip you had. There is so much to see that I will have to look at these photos a few times enlarged. Did DH take his Guitar to play while you were on the trip? How fun.

  2. Wow - I just came here for the first time from Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I simply love Mendocino, it's one of my very favorite towns on the NorCal coast. Your photos are so Mendo. My favorite - as in "real" life - the ark with the skunks on the lifeboat! Thanks for these great pictures and happy new year!

  3. I have enjoyed your blog very much since finding it! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I hope you and your family will have a very happy, healthy New Year!

  4. Welcome Carola, thanks for coming by. I hope you come back. And I went to your blog as well and enjoyed your beautiful photography!

    Cris, yes he took his guitar. I always enjoy hearing him play and sing.

    Bee, I too am happy I met you this year and look forward to more back and forth between our blogs in 2012.

  5. lynn , a wonderful send-off of 2010 with lovely photos bringing back memories for me and our trips up there...we used to stay at the little river inn, a gorgeous place...anyway, happy happy to you ... lovely work you are doing lately too! can't wait to see how it all develops. xox

  6. What an excellent way to end a year --I wish I could vacation here--beautiful photos!
    P.S. LOVE your header!

  7. beautiful photos Lynn. I enlarged all of them! I especially love that blue boat that draws you right in, and look at the size of that banana slug!! Great misty coastal shots too. I wish I had gotten to mendocino when I lived there :(

    Happy New Year to you and all of your loved ones, including Henry V!

    The last photo took me by surprise and made me laugh out loud!!


  8. What a great collection - especially the last one! Happy New Year Lynn, looking forward to your creative 2011 - oh and many congrats on the twin event!

  9. Happy New Year dear Lynn!
    I loved this last post...wonderful have the gift of taking pictures that take all of us right along with you! That Albatross! Adorable!

    I have to confess that I have NEVER made it to Mendicino....ever... but one day....

    The last photos of you and your DH are TOO CUTE! I love your spirit!
    I hope we will finally connect in 2011!

    Love to you, your DH and of course, Henry V....the "King"!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. I LOVE your silly photos!!! those just made my day! ;)

    and thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me here in blog land! what a joy to have you in my life! Happy New Year!!!

  11. Thank you for the laugh. I needed it!

  12. Beautiful, Mendocino looks so inviting and I LOVE the piece in your banner! Thank you so much for the kindness on my blog Lynn, you made my day. :) Wishing you all the best in 2011 sister!

  13. Wonderful, wonderful! I love the photos, but the last two are too terrific for words :-).Happy New Year! And kisses to Henry. xoxo

  14. the best of everything lynn. these photos are just great. how did you lay them out like this? (as if i'm even capable of learning....) :)

    i want you to know that JB is IN LOVE with her memory wallet (that's what i call it). we have shown it to a dozen friends and visitors and everyone has the same amazed reaction. it really is a treasure, lynn. thank you again and again.

    see you in the new year!


  15. Thanks everyone for coming by and enjoying my photo collages! I so appreciate your comments and glad I was able to add to your laughter for the start of the new year!

    KJ: I use a program I downloaded for free from the internet called Picasa. It's very easy to use. There is an icon that allows you to make collages (the lay out for these photos used the mosaic choice, there are several ways of doing it). It's good for easy editing of photos too.

    I'm so glad the four pocketbook was a hit with JB and everyone else too!!!! If anyone wants one...see my side bar!

  16. Oh wow! Your trip looks so magical. I get the sense you are really happy and had such a great time. The collage of photoes are such a great idea. And congrats on the twins to be! I have said a prayer xxx

  17. This is so interesting to me as one of my very favourite songs is 'Mendocino' by Kate and Anna Mc Garrigle. Do you know it? It looks as beautiful as the song makes it sound.


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