Thursday, December 2, 2010

Simply A Very Very Good Day!

Second Night of Chanukah! I got emails from both my children today that felt like real Chanukah gifts to me. My son and I were talking via emails about Chaunkah's past. He wrote: "I loved all my gifts!!...Thank you for the awesome and creative card you made us for the holiday. I love your art!" (Now words like that really warm a mother's heart let me tell you!) It was also sweet to hear this from my daughter:" Happy Chanukah. We lit four menorahs last night and ate latkes. (potato pancakes). Happy kids!" I am having such a especially wonderful day today. I got this email from my friend who bought "EARTH" the canvas on the far right on the fence below: She said: "Lynn, Just wanted to let you know the package with your gorgeous art arrived today. It looks spectacular and I'm almost tempted to keep it for myself. Thank you for taking such care packing it. You really are a gifted artist. I know my mother will love it!" I don't know if this is bragging, that is not my intention. I am just so bowled over by her response that I had to share it. I'm so happy she likes it.
Then I discovered that another old friend bought this purse I made from my ETSY too!
Remember when I drew it in my sketchbook? I had forgotten I'd done that. It was made from dresses I bought at the thrift store. So with two things gone I decided to add two more: First the Anti-Bullying Hearts that hang from beads. Great for a girls room I think.
And my machine felted velvet butterfly on hand painted muslin top sewn free motion style swirls on a canvas ready to hang. 14"X11".
Both in my ETSY shop now.
Moderately priced.
(see sidebar)
Grateful on Thursday!
Grateful every day!
I took a walk at noontime today and the air was brisk and cool. It felt so good.
I felt so alive!
Life is good!


  1. What a grand day, Lynn! Full of love and happiness. Congrats on your sales, BTW! The purse you made from dresses is very cool. I don't remember having seen that before on your blog...I missed it somehow! Happy Chanukah too!!! I made potato latkes with my daughter and granddaughter and DIL yesterday and they were really good! I want to keep experimenting to see if I can come up with the best ones EVER!!! :)

  2. Happy Second night. By the time you read this it will probably be third night. You are blessed with those children and friends.

  3. I knew you could pack that package safely yourself and it would get there in good shape. Kudos on all the up building you got from everyone..Especially your Kids. Now thats special. I love that little bag you sold and the drawing of it was awesome too.

  4. Happy Chanukah!!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Congrats on your sales! I love your new header by the way. Kisses to Henry. xoxo

  5. It is not bragging Lynn it is letting us share in your joy!
    Happy Chanukah!♥

  6. Happy Second Day of Chanukah!
    I love your wonderful Menorah.....and those candles.....gorgeous! I hope we will get eight posts so we can celebrate along with you.

    Lovely things - and how great you are selling!

    See you in a few weeks at the de Young?

    Special hugs to "The King",


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Lynn my dear "brag" away. your work is so lovely and I love hearing about the fact that people are buying it and gifting it to others. Happy Holy days to you.

  8. We love celebrating with you Lynn, all of it! The sales and success and the holidays!

    Hannukah blessings♥

  9. What wonderful feedback to receive about 'Earth.' Congrats on that!


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